If you want to camping, start preparing for the trip in advance. Select the location where already organized campground – camping or there are places where you can put your tent. Read the relevant thematic forums in the Internet, find out more from those who have already mastered these places. The choice is not especially great – forested parts of the coast suitable for relaxing savage, located on a small stretch from Gelendzhik to Tuapse. If you are not afraid of heat and sun, you can find a place in the Parking lot at Annunciation spit near Anapa or on the Taman Peninsula.
Select Parking lot to see how to get to it. Fortunately for the environment, not everywhere can be reached by car, therefore, most likely, you will have to leave it on a guarded Parking lot near the resort village and the location of the camp to walk with backpacks walk on the beach.
With this in mind, limit the number of commodities that you will take with you, the more that supply can be replenished from time to time raids in the surrounding areas. The most important thing is your housing. You definitely need lightweight, comfortable and durable tent, mattress and sleeping bag. Note that the specification tents allowable number of people may be without much damage for comfort is increased by unity. So, in a triple tent free fit 4 people.
Of the things without which it would be difficult to do, bring a towel, sunglasses, candles, table and headlamp flashlights, a camera and batteries for it, ointment or other chemical agents against mosquitoes. And, of course, you'll need a set of dishes – a couple of pots for cooking and brewing tea, iron bowls, spoons, knives, mugs. Don't forget to grab a can opener, though seasoned travelers easily cope with ordinary knife. And, just in case, put in a backpack first aid kit with everything you may need for first aid – dressings and disinfectant materials, tablets for water disinfection, headache, diarrhea, poisoning.