Savages in a modern world look like weirdos. For people is very strange, when ordinary acquaintance whom they know for a long time, suddenly breaks for a few weeks in some wilderness, and then comes back with a beard and happily. But the rest "savages" - it's a wonderful tradition for many residents of large cities.

We can speak from the point of view of ecology, quality of products, the dynamics of the big city, but the essence is always the same – to live in the city hard. Hard not in the sense of the difficulties of life, and constant pressure of the city, which some people notice acute. Thus, the representatives of the most different classes, from office workers to become couriers, savage bards and other representatives of the Soviet rethinking of the hippies.

Where to start "savagery"?

In fact, to go savages in the woods or mountains is a rather heavy task. First, many people refuse the benefits of civilization, and many beginners very sharply react to it the first time. Secondly, it is necessary to have some survival skills. Not orienteering, which is usually held in the schools before the holidays, and a full data base of existence in the wild. If going unprepared persons, it is likely that on the first day, they begin to encounter unforeseen problems. It is necessary to accept and endure. In the case when the band is not an experienced person, mistakes will be, and we want them to learn, not to give up and go to the side of the railway tracks leading to the city. Preferably at least explore the forums or books devoted to this topic, the benefit of the Soviet Union had quite a lot of literature on Hiking, survival in the wild, and the other delights of this holiday.

Where to go?

Seasoned savages coming to rest on the South of Russia. Krasnodar region is rich in wilderness, there's only so much "Utrish", which is an excellent piece of holiday on the Black sea. But a new generation of savages looks at the world a little differently, and they are not very interested in the sea and the beach. Among them a very popular vacation in Karelia, or in other places that do not differ a warm climate and stable weather. Especially desperate savages go to Siberia, so there is something for sure you can relax without people. In short, the point of your destination depends primarily on the degree of your preparation, and secondly from the desire to overcome difficulties.