Method of travel depends on the distance and mode of transport. A young man hitchhiking to pass may, free of charge. But family thus impractical to transport. But in this situation, the possible choices of a cheaper method of transportation.
To go by car is the cheapest option. The greater the distance, the cheaper this method. The train is cheaper than flight. So if the sea is not very far, there is no direct rail service, you can choose this method.
During the holidays the second major cost item is payment. The range here varies from a few dollars in the private sector and to very large amounts in a modern and comfortable boarding houses located in the blue sea. Consider not only their financial resources, but also the distance from the sea, the availability of facilities. Sometimes saving on accommodation, you can spend more on travel in the city, the purchase of water and food.
Choose the appropriate living conditions. The most inexpensive accommodation in the private sector. Usually there are several options. The cheapest one - bed located in the hallway corner, the corridor. Of the bedside service in the hallway hanger on two hooks and a chair. A place to sleep is not the most comfortable, but the cheapest. The second option is a room in the house for 2-3 persons to sleep, sometimes up to 6.
Room in a separate building, is equipped for housing. Service is extended here to a separate table with set of chairs, a refrigerator, and possible a fan. For fun, of course, have to pay extra, but not much. The cost of housing, as a rule, the average, so the bargain makes no sense.
The market of services in the field of nutrition is diverse enough. Everything depends on your desire. You can find housing where at a tolerable price you will be offered three meals a day with quality cooking, you can prepare yourself, and you can look for a cheap canteen.