Advice 1: Where better to relax in the summer 2012

In anticipation of summer, many people are wondering: where to go, how to hold a productive vacation where it would be better to relax the child. Often the choice of leave depends on the budget set aside for this purpose.
Where better to relax in the summer 2012

Having small amounts of money and are not bothered about passports and visas, many Russian families prefer holidays on the black sea coast, whether the resorts of Krasnodar territory, such as Adler, Anapa, Sochi, or the coast of the Crimea: Sevastopol, Gurzuf, Yalta. Not being very picky about the quality of service of the person, can be quite a budget family holiday in the small guest houses and mini-hotels. In many of these families come year after year and recommend to friends and family to visit the small guest house where the owners are so friendly and caring. In this hospitality and special attitude to every guest are famous for mini-hotels. In addition, the diversity of beaches and healthy air combined with the sea bathing will strengthen the health of both adults and children for the entire year. It should be noted that in recent years the black sea coast of Russia and Crimea europedirect: more and more interesting cafes, construction of water parks, amusement parks, and organized new tours, so you won't be bored.

In summer 2012, their positions will not slow down and many favorite Turkey and Egypt. The only thing is that due to the unstable political situation some people may prefer Egypt is another country, but the tour operators do not predict great changes in demand. These areas are popular among young people who love the day lying on the beach, and all night incendiary dancing in night clubs, especially these famous Bars Street in Marmaris. While youth often chooses hotels "3 stars" because they do not see sense to overpay for unnecessary service, if a hotel room is only needed for the night. Also Turkey and Egypt are popular among adult couples or couples with children, but they choose club hotels that have Babysitting or baby centers where young animators entertain children while parents are at the beach. These hotels every year and the quality of the animation steadily increasing. Many club hotels offer free or with very big discount lodging for children, and children sometimes think children up to 16 and sometimes 18 years. Sometimes at the last minute you can go to a great hotel for the amount equivalent to the same duration of the tour at the local recreation center.

The financial crisis caused a decline in prices for tours to Greece and the Greek Islands. Russian tourists with a limited budget, open budget, relative to other European resorts. Athens, Crete, Rhodes, Mykonos is one of the beautiful beaches, hot sun, rich cultural heritage and great shopping!

Popular European countries for Russian tourists as summer holidays remain the same: Italy, Spain, Bulgaria, Croatia and Montenegro. Tour operators offer hotels of any star, combined tours of the tour parts and the rest of the sea cruises, and the famous European shopping tours. In any case, the agent will select the best tour according to your wishes.

Advice 2: Where to spend the summer 2015 in Russia is cheap?

Today more and more people dreaming of high-quality and inexpensive vacation. Moreover, a trip abroad can afford not all due to some important reasons such as the difficult financial situation, not the portability of long trips, the language barrier and so on. Holidays in Russia are intended for this category of people. No need to waste time and money on a trip abroad, arrange a large number of documents, spend a lot of money, but also to learn a foreign language. Such benefits stay in the home country makes it even more attractive.
Where to spend the summer 2015 in Russia is cheap?
Sochi is at the peak of popularity

For leisure in any case, the safe bet would be this city.
From all corners of the country gather here and arrange themselves at different levels stay in the spacious tents, expensive private villas, cheap boarding houses or private houses.
In addition to beach holidays in Russia there are many places where you can cheaply and to benefit from a break in the summer. Almost every suburb or area eating some sort of boarding house or sanatorium, where you can improve your health, breathe healthy air or just have fun and have a good time. In Karelia and the Altai mountains are very beautiful healing pensions where can be bad enough to gain strength and regain their health.
On holiday in North Caucasus is to tell apart, especially on Stavropol Krai. This place is famous for its amazing pristine nature, healthy air and rich medicinal resources. And most importantly, that all this is available in almost every Russian citizen with average income.
Generally, you can rent from a private person or house, and to visit all the Wellness facilities of the resort.
Four popular cities-resorts

Pyatigorsk. Mineral springs is famous for this resort, where people come for treatment from all over the world. More than 40 sources consists of Pyatigorsk, popular among which are famous for sulfide, radon and sulfate reservoirs.

Zheleznovodsk. The resort is conveniently located between two mountain ranges — Beshtau and Zheleznaya Gora. Offers therapeutic water Levanovskogo and Smirnovsky springs. For rehabilitation and treatment using the healing mud of Tambukan lake.

Essentuki. In the health of patients with diabetes it is a constant leader. Many different diseases successfully cures cures in combination with the exchange rate the adoption of mineral water and a number of medical procedures.

Kislovodsk. Treatment of mineral waters are the hallmark of this city.
Tour cheap holidays

Do not forget about the tourism tour, if we talk about cheap holiday in Russia. A rich history has our country, so there are a sufficient number of architectural monuments, historical sites and museums that you should visit at least once in your life to learn more about their country. Almost every Russian city or town you might find something interesting and exciting and fun to spend time with loved ones and relatives.
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