You will need
  • - access to the Internet.
To rest on the Azov sea, you can use the services of travel agencies or look for a suitable alternative themselves. In the first case, you need to visit a travel company in your city and see the list of possible options. By purchasing a ticket at the travel Agency, you get rid of the trouble to purchase tickets for travel to holiday destination and accommodation on the coast. You will be available not only recreation, but also the treatment, if you decide to relax in the therapeutic boarding school.
Many tourists prefer to travel independently. However, in this case also need to take care of the bed. You will be able to rent housing in the private sector or in small vacation homes to book via the Internet. To search for suitable options type in a search engine request "holidays on the Azov sea," you will get many suitable references.
The choice of holiday on the Azov sea is quite large, but it is better to relax in the traditional Spa towns – for example, Yeisk is one of the best places on the coast. Go to the website of azov-sea, you can find a list of hotels and boarding houses, find the cost of living in them. From the European part of Russia to get to the town is possible by train, plane (to Rostov-on-don or Krasnodar), bus. As a rule, many tourists at first get to Rostov-on-don, then from the bus station go by bus to the town.
You can relax and near Eysk or Taganrog, clearing a room or outbuilding in a private home. This option will be the cheapest, to arrange accommodation and time of arrival in advance via the Internet. You can rest almost on the coast, but the beaches in this case can be unequipped. It is worth noting that in some places the sea of Azov is characterized by the presence of sufficiently strong currents in the water can be fishing nets. So swimming should be equipped beaches. The virtue of the Azov sea in that it is shallow, in many beaches you can walk up to a mile deep, before you can go in the water up to his waist. Where the water is shallow makes the beaches of the Azov sea is very convenient and safe for children.