You will need
  • - the document proving the identity;
  • - medical insurance;
  • - copy of the passport;
  • - first aid kit;
  • - personal hygiene;
  • - a few sets of clothes and shoes;
  • - means of communication;
  • guide;
  • - PhraseBook when you travel abroad (if you do not speak a foreign language);
  • addresses and phones of departments of the Ministry, the police and medical institutions in the area of your holiday.
Buy medical insurance before you hit the road. This is the first rule of independent travelers. Even if you have never been injured and I consider myself a person of robust health, anything can happen the first time.
Please read the information about the place of a future stay before you hit the road. If you decide to go yourself abroad, it makes sense to buy the tickets in advance. For months before the trip, many airlines can buy tickets at significant discounts. Find out whether you need vaccinations if you are traveling in a strange tropical country. Find out whether there are in the country the rainy season and hurricanes, whether Russian or English languages the local population and what religion is dominant. The more knowledge about the country you have, the easier you will be to navigate and less likely to get into trouble.
Reserve at least a day a place to sleep by the sea. Many owners of guest houses and private mini-hotels put your information on the Internet. When you rest, you can look for housing on the site, choosing that's more like it, but the first day it is better to have. If you prefer good hotels with the highest level of service, book it in a couple of months before arrival, otherwise at the height of beach season, you can remain without shelter. Because many firms are buying space from hotels package well before the start of the season.
Do not take a lot of things. "Savages" have to move very much. This is one of the main delights of a self catering holiday. You can spend a few days on one beach, then heading to another, to ride to the nearby Islands, meet the local population and to take part in their celebrations. With two huge suitcases to be mobile is difficult. Several sets of clothes, Hiking first-aid kits and hygiene will be enough.
Take care of your security. Tell friends and relatives about the place your holiday. Agree that you will contact at least two or three times a week. In addition to the required amount for accommodation and entertainment, bring a card with money for an emergency. Make copies of passports and keep them separate from other documents.