Advice 1: Where to buy a house by the sea

Those who wants to buy a house by the sea in Russia, most of them are it is located on the South of the country. The borders that are on the shores of the southern seas, the Azov and Black, and not so long – only about 500 km, so the supply is limited due to the geographical factor. But don't despair, there are options.
Where to buy a house by the sea

Property in the coastal zones of the South of Russia

The house of your dreams you can buy on the coast of the sea of Azov or the Black sea. The shore of the Azov sea – it's Rostov oblast and Krasnodar Krai. The Russian coast of the Black sea in Krasnodar Krai. The situation today suggests that real estate prices in these regions now began to decline. If at the beginning of 2000-ies of workers in the North were buying here houses and apartments without haggling, and the prices were clearly too high, now the situation has stabilized, and excessive demand have not been observed. In this regard, and the appetites of local residents who want to sell excess property, declined markedly.

This situation applies to any type of real estate and of apartments in houses old and new buildings, and private houses in the settlements, and country houses with land, which, oddly enough, in the southern suburbs resort cities are also quite a lot.
The best option to find a suitable house by the sea – ads posting through the Internet or exploring local sites, where they sell real estate.

The cost of the house by the sea

The cost of housing depends on its location. House on the Black sea will cost at least 2 times more expensive than similar located on the shore of the Azov. If you want to live in a large village: Taganrog, Eysk, Anapa, Novorossiysk, Gelendzhik, Tuapse and Sochi, the house will cost you too 2-3 times more expensive than that in the suburbs or in one of the villages nearby. Of course, the price of the home will increase in the order of enumeration of these settlements, therefore, the house in Sochi and Gelendzhik will cost 2-3 times more expensive than the same house in Taganrog.

The cost of individual private homes sold in resort towns on the Black sea, comparable with the prices of houses located in the coastal cities, because the conditions here the Paradise infrastructure is all there, the sea nearby, and the holiday season is much calmer and not so noisy as in the city.
A suburban area with a house that needs major repairs, located 5-8 km from the sea, can be purchased at a price of 1.5 million rubles.

Cheap and nice house can be purchased today in one of landscape-gardening associations in the suburbs of Anapa, Novorossiysk, Gelendzhik, Tuapse. Low prices due to lack of demand and lack of gas supply in most of these partnerships. But electricity is everywhere, in the same way as well water. If you want to live near the sea in a comfortable house, have, of course search, but find capital home for 2-2,5 million roubles, next to the sea in summer or co-op garden Association is quite real.

Advice 2: How to buy a house in Krasnodar region

Nice to have a house in the Krasnodar region! On the one hand the proximity of the mountains and small cool streams, and on the other hand to the Black sea. In the garden grows a dark red, almost black, sweet cherries, walnuts in the fall lie literally underfoot, and potatoes can be planted two times a year – in February and June. If you decide to own land and their house a better place than Krasnodar Krai, hard to find.
How to buy a house in Krasnodar region
Think about where you would like to live in the city or a quiet village. Private homes, there are coastal cities, in the capital region – Krasnodar. On almost any street peacefully adjoin the high-rise apartment and cozy small houses behind the brightly painted fences. If you want to combine the hustle and bustle of city life and the isolated lives of the owner of a small estate, the house in the city – what you need. The price for a decent finished house with a small plot of land in the cities of Kuban begins from 7 million rubles.
Then visit the Krasnodar village. Abandoned villages of the Central part of Russia with a rickety dark creepy houses and roads are very different from villages in the Kuban. Roads in Krasnodar countryside is smooth and paved, in the centre of the village there are fountains, flowerbeds and neat parks, and the houses compete in beauty and luxury. Select the village you prefer and start looking.
Walk around the streets of the stanitsa. On many houses you can see banners with the words "Sell", and on every bus stop there's always boards with ads for selling houses. Go to the local Cossack administration and ask what kind of houses are now on sale. Visit your local market and ask some questions to the vendor. People in the Kuban are friendly and talkative, and will tell you anything you'd like to know. So you can buy the property, without intermediaries.
Contact the real estate Agency. In the Krasnodar region a huge number of them. However, the interest for their services they take are not small. A minimum of 5% of the value of the house. This price includes only information about the house and its owner. To make a deal, you will need to pay a separate amount. Usually lawyers charge for their services from 8 to 15 thousand.
Refer to the private realtor, resident in the village, where you decide to purchase a home. They often have better information than the agencies, because realtors live where you work, familiar with the residents and know the local real estate market very well. Private realtors take it from 3% of the property value for their services, some have special education and can lead legal support of the transaction. But it happens rarely.
Try to buy a house in the fall or winter. Home prices in this time of year usually fall. But spring and summer is a seasonal price increase of 3-10%. Many are trying to buy a house and to have time to do planting in the garden or to finish some construction business, often in a private home. Sellers of homes know this and are in no hurry to reduce prices.
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