Who is the sysadmin

One of the most popular in this area is the profession of system administrator. Today, this specialist need any large organization. May not one.

The system administrator can be a person with the appropriate education and experience for maintenance of personal computers and other office equipment. The future sysadmin should know that in the process he will have to constantly study and learn new things. In General, the range of skills of a specialist depends on the specifics of the company, which will have to work.

The system administrator must know the protocols of local area networks, the principles of their construction, and various network equipment. The responsibilities of this specialist includes installing and uninstalling software, control over its operation. In addition, the system administrator monitors the operation of servers, if available directly on the premises. Installs necessary software, but in the event of termination of his health, the sysadmin needs to bring it into working condition or to cause relevant professionals.

With high probability the system administrator would have to deal with information security in the enterprise, for example, content filtering. He is obliged to monitor the accuracy of the information transmitted over the network, as well as the quality of interconnection. Antivirus protection and installing necessary ON the part of the range of duties and required skills of the system administrator.

Advises on demand and populates the protocols

The system administrator provides advice and technical support employees at their request or on the instructions of his supervisor. He can also do the registration of mailboxes and assign passwords. But this function depends directly from job descriptions for a specific system administrator.

The system administrator must have the skills of installation and dismantling local networks. In extreme cases - to monitor the work of outside experts engaged in laying and connecting the cables.

Purchase and modernization of network equipment are also included in the responsibilities of the system administrator. In addition to direct work with computer hardware, sysadmin is not without paperwork. He must be able to correctly complete technical documentation for the direction of its activities.

Thus, the responsibilities of the system administrator is extensive. To work in this specialty requires a lot of different skills in the field of information technology.