You will need
  • A computer running the Windows XP operating system
Click on the icon "My computer" right-click in the resulting menu, select "Manage". A window will appear in which you will find a parameter "Local groups and users". Opposite him is the arrow. Click on it with the left mouse button and you will see two lines - "Users" and "Groups". Select "Users" and your profile, clicking the right button of the mouse.
Pop up the context menu, in which click "Properties", then "group Memberships". A group of "Administrators". Click on the "Add" command, then click OK. Now in order for the changes to take effect, restart the computer.
There is another way how to make existing profile administrator computer and create a new profile with administrator rights. Click "start", then select "control Panel". On it locate the "Accounts and users". Select "Add and remove accounts and users.
Now, depending on the situation, you need to act in two ways. The first method implies that you already have an account on that computer. Select your account and in the appeared window "changes in account" select "Change account type". Will pop up a window where you can select the type of account. Choose "Administrator". Then at the bottom click on the command "Change account type". Now you are administrator of the computer.
The second method is applicable in the case if you do not have an account on the computer. Once you select "Add and remove accounts and users", click on "create an account". A window will appear where you must enter the name of your account, and as account type choose "Administrator".