You will need
  • Administrator.
Start the registry editor. To do this, type regedit in the Run box placed in the main menu "start". Hit enter to did the team start the registry editor. As a rule, the commands in the registry of the personal computer must be entered exactly, with no errors.
The registry editor has two panes: the left side shows the structure of the main sections of the system to the right — their contents. You need to find HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE and expand it. Then the SOFTWARE folder, the Microsoft Windows Script Host and inside it, select the Papuc Settings to output its contents in the right part of the editor window.
Find the Enabled parameter. If this parameter is not present, create a new string value called Enabled. Set the value to 0 (the program automatically converts zero to the combination of symbols of the form 0х00000001 — this is normal) and hit enter. Close the registry editor. Retry the action that caused the error the server scripts to check the result. The error should not occur again.