Advice 1: What are the levels of use of PC there are

It is impossible to imagine modern society without computer and information technologies. They have become so ingrained in almost all spheres of human activity that the majority of the population in developed countries cannot imagine their life without them. This situation has its disadvantages, but advantages and benefits from it much more.
What are the levels of use of PC there are

Computer technology

With the coming to life of computer and Internet technologies in all phases of information began to take place much easier and faster. To implement this progressive tool in all branches of virtually every modern organization requires its employees knowledge of the PC in one way or another. When hiring an applicant in the application form you must specify your level of computer use. If the person has no such experience, then it is much harder to find a suitable vacancy.

In most cases, their level of use of a PC person defines their own. Currently there is not a common to all standardized programs.

Levels of use of PC

There are several levels of use of the personal computer.

The user the lowest level is called "tea." People with only General knowledge, as a rule, uses the computer only for social networking, Dating sites. Such a user does not know the basic values, shortcuts, and application assignments.

The second level can be attributed to the average user. He in turn knows the necessary basics, able to work in Microsoft Office programs-knows how to connect the keyboard and mouse. But his knowledge is not enough to use the secondary shortcut keys, all operations and manipulations are carried out exclusively with the mouse.

The third level is advanced PC user. He knows the necessary basic software to be installed, the architecture of the personal computer, can explain what is inside the system unit and that what is. Sure the user can reinstall the operating system and the driver, with ease enjoys the search engines.

The advanced user knows everything about the hardware and software of the computer. He is able to disassemble and assemble a PC from components. Easily uses function keys. Can self-correct some of the faults in the computer.

To the next level, there are the programmers, graduates of technical Universities. A person of this level of knowledge will be able to collect not only the computer but also a server that can raise the network is well versed in writing programs in different languages.

The most advanced level of knowledge of the PC has a hacker. This word speaks for itself. The hacker knows everything. Can bypass numerous passwords and hack some servers.

Advice 2: What are the operating systems

Operating system (OS) is a software system that provides the ability to control the computer through a graphical interface, as well as managing and distributing computing processes and resources. The OS allows the user to launch and control application programs to receive and transmit data, change computer settings and connected devices.
What are the operating systems
Operating systems for personal computers are: single-tasking and multitasking, single-user or multi-user, online and offline. Types of OS interface are divided into command and multi-window graphical user interface.

Single-tasking operating systems are able to solve only one task in each moment of time. As a rule, such systems allow to run in native mode only one program. Multitasking OS is able to run multiple programs that work in parallel.

Single-user system differs from an enterprise means to protect data from unauthorized access by other users.

At the moment the de facto standard OS interface is a graphical multi-window interface allowing to manage through Windows, drop down menus, file lists, etc.

Currently, the most common and famous were three types of operating systems for personal computers: Microsoft Windows, Linux and Apple Mac Os X.

Microsoft Windows

A family of proprietary operating systems Microsoft Windows according to the static data used by 90% of the existing personal computers. This OS was created based on a graphical add-on for MS-DOS, which was called Windows. All wasps in this family are used to control processes and resources of the computer graphic interface.


Unix-like operating systems based on the Linux kernel, in popularity and frequency of use are in second place after Microsoft Windows. Each of these systems has its own set of application programs that are configured for specific tasks, and distributed mainly free of charge as a ready distribution.

Linux systems are leaders in the markets of smartphones, netbooks, supercomputers, Internet servers, embedded systems and data centers. On the market for home computers Linux is in third place. A vivid example of the operating system for various handheld digital devices, created based on Linux is a popular OS Android. The most well known and most common Linux distributions are considered Mint, Ubuntu and Fedora.

Mac OS

Mac OS – another well-known line of operating systems from Apple. This system can be installed on all new Macintosh computers. According to the user agreement for Mac OS installation the operating system is only allowed on Apple computers. There is a version of the system for personal computers from other manufacturers, but they disabled some functions and there is increased instability.

In addition to these most famous and used systems, there is also quite a large number of highly specialized and applied operating systems.

Advice 3: What are social networks

Today, in domain zones of different countries with thousands of sites and social networks. This resources is designed for virtual communication, sharing photos and videos, music files and simple personal messages with your friends on social networks. In Russia, the most successful social network, the number of users estimated in the millions of people who can be counted on the fingers.
Social network

The social network "domestic production"

Here are the most popular among these resources.

"Classmates". Website address – The original idea of this website is to unite people who once studied together at school, classmates. Today this social network somehow so much more love people aged 35-40 years and more than youth. A favorite website of Housewives and mothers on maternity leave, and millions of "advanced" seniors, who have mastered the handling of the computer and the wisdom of the Internet for eight years, holds the position of one of the most popular in Russia and many countries of the Commonwealth social network.

"VKontakte". Website address – This social network is simple to primitive interface, ease of use, not only for users to communicate and publish their personal news, but as phylogenesis. So, plenty of videos and music content daily uploaded by users "Vkontakte" on the disk space of this site to "not lose", to show friends etc.

If the "Classmates" I prefer older people, the majority of the audience "Vkontakte" age is just less than 35 years. It is a social network for young people, students and high school students, and young professionals of various kinds.

"My world". Website address - This by-product not of the successful website-search engine However, social network "My world" to the creators of the resource is also not particularly successful: its audience is blurred, the interface is not the most convenient and simple for users. Social network is ill-suited for communication, replete with spam, advertising, or other networked "garbage".

About the rest of the "native Russian" social media is not to say that their success is somehow comparable to the popularity of the above three sites. However, there is, in addition to the "Classmates", "Vkontakte" and "My world", many such resources with a specific focus. For example, the social network for work and business "Professionals.<url>. The size of her audience, of course, a thousand times smaller than the three top social networks.

Foreign social network

In Russia from "foreign" social media really caught on today, only one – Facebook. Not a very user friendly interface, but it is possible to communicate not only with Russian-speaking audience, but also almost the whole world! This is its huge advantage over the "Classmates" and "Vkontakte".

Also, now Google is actively developing its own social network Google+. However, Russian-speaking users yet few have mastered this innovative resource, which, however, convenient ability to combine your account profile on the website YouTube.
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