Computer technology

With the coming to life of computer and Internet technologies in all phases of information began to take place much easier and faster. To implement this progressive tool in all branches of virtually every modern organization requires its employees knowledge of the PC in one way or another. When hiring an applicant in the application form you must specify your level of computer use. If the person has no such experience, then it is much harder to find a suitable vacancy.

In most cases, their level of use of a PC person defines their own. Currently there is not a common to all standardized programs.

Levels of use of PC

There are several levels of use of the personal computer.

The user the lowest level is called "tea." People with only General knowledge, as a rule, uses the computer only for social networking, Dating sites. Such a user does not know the basic values, shortcuts, and application assignments.

The second level can be attributed to the average user. He in turn knows the necessary basics, able to work in Microsoft Office programs-knows how to connect the keyboard and mouse. But his knowledge is not enough to use the secondary shortcut keys, all operations and manipulations are carried out exclusively with the mouse.

The third level is advanced PC user. He knows the necessary basic software to be installed, the architecture of the personal computer, can explain what is inside the system unit and that what is. Sure the user can reinstall the operating system and the driver, with ease enjoys the search engines.

The advanced user knows everything about the hardware and software of the computer. He is able to disassemble and assemble a PC from components. Easily uses function keys. Can self-correct some of the faults in the computer.

To the next level, there are the programmers, graduates of technical Universities. A person of this level of knowledge will be able to collect not only the computer but also a server that can raise the network is well versed in writing programs in different languages.

The most advanced level of knowledge of the PC has a hacker. This word speaks for itself. The hacker knows everything. Can bypass numerous passwords and hack some servers.