You will need
  • computer.
To learn to understand computers, you need to know what comprises a personal computer. Main components are: motherboard, video card, hard drive, power supply, RAM, drive. First of all, view your computer and understand for themselves, where some detail. This is the first steps to learning computer hardware.
Try to read reviews about computer news. There's a lot of talk about the components that have been released or are expected to the presentation. Read on the Internet about what accessories better. Compare the features that have provided you with information from other users on the forum. Next, you will begin to understand in the gland.
To understand the computers need not only iron, but also in the system. Typically, the first experience comes when you reinstall the operating system. Read online how to reinstall this system. Nothing difficult about it, but you need to know in what sequence to perform certain actions. Try to make things right. Next, install own software, configure it.
If you happen to encounter any errors, try to solve them yourself. With time comes experience on your computer, you'll be able to solve problems, to look for some solutions on the Internet to help others. Maybe in the future you are interested in programming, and you will become a great programmer, founded the company.
To learn to understand personal computers you can also use the special allowance, for example, computer magazines. Such benefits usually go once a month. They describe the principles of the structure of the computer, new items, accessories and many secrets. As a rule, it helps to learn new information and some knowledge to apply. Buy in-store magazine "Hacker" or Chip. Read it, try some of the description to realize in life on your computer. In the future, buy the next room, visit the official sites for assistance.