IT professionals who are appointed to the position of system administrator must have the appropriate specialized education, experience in repair and maintenance of computer systems and office equipment experience installing and debugging software, to know network protocols and be able to build and debug a local network.


Depending on the type of activity and the size of the enterprise, duties of the system administrator and required knowledge can vary greatly. In small companies it's one person who has to do all the challenges. Large enterprises employ whole departments, where each specialist works on specific tasks.

Prior to 2000 did not exist schools of training of the profession of system administrator.

- network administrator – development and maintenance of local area networks. Requires knowledge of network protocols and device networks;

- database administrator – it is necessary to know the operating system languages which employ databases, protocols, and the device database;

administrator server in a hosting company is engaged in installation of software and maintenance of hardware server management. The necessary knowledge of the relevant policies and protocols.


The main responsibilities of a system administrator are as follows:

- install and debug software programs are installed and modifierade for specific tasks. It is also necessary to monitor the availability of updates and the time to install them, monitor the performance of the system after their installation;

- timely repair and modernization of computers and office equipment - the system should match the tasks to be accomplished, a rapid diagnosis and Troubleshooting should contribute to this;

the task of network security is to install antivirus and other security software and keep them updated. To prevent unauthorized access and hacker attacks;

- recovery of the network after failures and misconduct - to do a backup so in case of a fatal failure to quickly restore the operability of the system;

The most common damage is a spilled liquid on the keyboard of the computer.

- configuring local area network and ensuring its normal operation of normal operation of modern enterprises depends on the reliable operation of the local network and all its components. Therefore, timely elimination of faults and disturbances in the network becomes a priority;

- advice, assistance and training staff to work with the software and a local network - for the normal flow of the workflow you want to quickly solve the difficulties and problems of the users are often unable to decide even basic questions.