Who is to experienced PC users

Each person has his own understanding of the definition of "advanced PC user". For someone experienced user is a person who knows how to turn on the computer and work with Microsoft Office applications. Many believe that an experienced user should know the basics of programming, can determine the cause of system failure and eliminate it. But a clear definition of what constitutes "advanced PC user", still no.

Not every user has the opportunity to complete specialized courses for personal computer users. Many have learned and are learning by trial and error on their own experience or self-instruction, but, nevertheless, consider themselves to be experienced users of the personal computer.

Courses of PC users

Courses of PC users promise to make of the man who never saw a computer experienced user in just a couple of months. What is usually included in the training program of the user PC? The introductory course includes a study of the major devices of a personal computer, purpose and connection devices. Next are the basics of working in Windows, with folders and files. Discusses the basics antivirusnika, Internet and email. Discusses the work with search engines, register on the sites, communication in social networks.

What knowledge and skills should be an experienced PC user

Still, the knowledge acquired in specialized courses, for novice level user. Experienced PC user must have not only the elementary skills in Windows, MS Word, MS Excel, MS Outlook, Internet Explorer, but also to be interested in developments that reduce the time and optimize the user experience.

An experienced user knows what operating system, what OS is installed on his computer. An experienced PC user knows and uses special key combinations, called hot keys. An experienced user uses multiple browsers, he knows how to install them, how to clear cookies and cache. Depending on the specifics of the job, an experienced user must be able to work in the required programs, for example "1C: Enterprise" or AutoCAD.

Only by applying and developing these skills in a personal computer, a person can be called an experienced PC user.