You will need
  • skills confident user of the computer.
When the computer boots press F8 or any other that will allow you to access the menu options of the operating system (may depend on motherboard model).
Select login in safe mode Windows. In the list of admin users log on with the account that is not password protected or the password which you are aware.
When load desktop operating system, a dialog box appears stating that windows will continue to work in safe mode, click OK. Open menu start, control panel, and go to the account settings of the users computer.
Locate the user accounts of the computer, the password you want to reset. Select change password in the window that appears, enter a new password. Repeat the entry for confirmation, leaving the field "Old password" without any changes. Click on the "Change password".
Close all open your computer window and restart the system in normal mode. Try to login Windows as the desired account by entering the new password.
Try to change password using Net User. To do this, select it in the list of boot options safe mode with command prompt. Select login under the user account where the password is absent or known to you.
On the screen a window will appear where the command interpreter of the operating system, enter the user name and password, press Enter. In user name specify the account name, the second line is the new password you want to use to log in. Enter Exit at the command prompt and press Enter.
Restart the system in normal mode and login with administrator account with the new password.