Click the "My computer", right-click and select from the menu the string "Control". In the opened window go to "Local groups and users". Click on the arrow next to the left mouse button to display the string "Groups" and "Users. Scroll down to "Users" and right-click on your profile.
Go to the tab "Properties" in the menu that appears and select "group Membership". In the group "Administrators" click "Add" and click OK. Restart the computer, the adopted changes came into force. Now your profile will have administrative rights.
Use an alternative method of obtaining administrator privileges, you can grant rights to an existing profile or create a new one. Go to control panel and PC through menu "start". Go to "Accounts and users" and click add and remove accounts.
Select your account if it is available on the PC and activate the item "Change account type". In the window that appears select the account type "Administrator". Save the changes, and they will immediately take effect, giving your profile the rights of the organizer.
Try to become an administrator on the computer differently. This method is suitable in case if you still don't have an account on the computer. Use add and delete accounts and users and activate the checkbox "create an account". In the window that appears, specify the account name and immediately give it administrator rights. Please note that this action is possible only in case, if you are already admin before that gave all users the ability to change their rights.