If one of the employees came into the service, his lack of notes indicated in the accounting report card with the letter "N". Standing one step higher head, for example, the master of the factory, behalf writes a memo about the fact of absence of the main supervisor. Then he has to make the act of not showing up in the workplace, where the cause of the incident remains unidentified. An act certified by the signatures of two witnesses, which are usually colleagues slacker. If you want to increase the evidence base, if anticipated difficulties associated with litigation, they can write an explanation about that in such and such a day had not seen the missing.
The causes of truancy are investigated through a telephone conversation or personal communication the next day, if the employee is still there. In the latter case, he should write an explanatory note about why you didn't come to work. In case of refusal compiled an additional act of the first type. If the employee did not appear, he sent a letter or telegram with a request to come and motivate his absence. If the cause is disrespectful and decided not to limit itself to disciplinary action, the employee subject to dismissal, which is documented in the order.
The order of dismissal should be written on behalf of the chief Director and brought to the attention of truant under the painting, the result of the refusal is again an act with the signatures of two witnesses. For the days of the current month when the employee was present in the workplace, it should calculate the salary, and if he didn't have time to go on vacation, and monetary compensation for it. The latter is calculated by the formula: 2 days for each working month. All cash is reflected in a paper statement, awarded to neabsco.
If the employee has not deigned to appear after his absence, his address to send a certified letter with the copy of the order and request for permission to send the workbook by mail. In it, as well as in a personal card is a record of dismissal. With the consent of the work-book will be sent, and if the worker still came for the calculation, then he should sign it and your personal card. With all the items the employer can be sure beyond a reasonable doubt of his decisions even in the courts. If missed at least one: do not composed by any act or magazine outgoing correspondence no mark on the notification emails – this can be a hook for filing a lawsuit in court.