You will need
  • -act violations
  • -written explanation of the reasons
  • -written reprimand to imposition of punishment
You can dismiss an employee at the article for being late to work even for a few minutes. The main thing is the delay to properly execute and impose disciplinary action. For the design of delay to make the act indicating the time and day of the delay. To request from the employee a written explanation of the reasons for the delay. If he refuses to write an explanation, make an act of abandonment. Create a written reprimand with punishment. With all the compiled documents familiarize the employee on receipt. Even if people do not want to sign the dismissal in his article the court and the labour Inspectorate will not find reason to compel you to restore it at work. A dismissal need to make an entry in the employment record of dereliction of duty.
If the employee is absent from work place for more than 4 hours and has not presented official documents about your absence, you can dismiss the article amounted to an act of absence from the workplace, take a written explanation, written to impose penalty and to dismiss the entry in the workbook for truancy.
For the consumption of alcoholic beverages in the workplace, being late from breaks and lunch can also be fired on the article , indicating the reasons as dereliction of duty.
In General, if an employer wants to dismiss the employee according to the article, he will find a reason for which it can be done. The main thing to execute all documents.