You can fire an employee if he did not conform to the position occupied by them, not certified, repeatedly failed to fulfill their duties, and committed other gross violations. It is also possible to fire an employee for absenteeism, i.e. absence from work for a whole working day or more than 4 hours, in connection with the change of enterprise owner, and also if you as the employer to stop their activities. This, of course, is not a complete list. The full list is exhaustive, and it is regulated by the article No. 81 of the LC RF.
Deciding to fire an employee on his own initiative, in advance of him about it let me know. Make an order where it is necessary to state the reasons for the dismissal and the date, put the company seal and sign. Familiarize the employee with the document, offer to sign him. Don't forget to make a copy of the order – the employee will take her myself. If he refuses to sign the document, make a corresponding statement, and then attach it to the order of or below his own signature put on the document.
Last day of work of the employee is the date of order of dismissal. At the same time you have to return his work-book along with documents from the personal file. In the workbook should be a corresponding entry specifying the provisions of the law, grounds for dismissal, and delivered signature of the Director.
If the employee on his own initiative leaves the company, he must notify the management at least 2 weeks before the planned date of dismissal. During this period of time the user select a replacement and to sign all necessary documents for the dismissal.
It happens that the worker who want to dismiss, is on sick leave. In this situation, the employer may on its own initiative to dismiss a person until he gets back. However, if the employee wants to resign, then it will be possible to implement.
Strictly observe the order of dismissal. Ask in advance so the worker wrote a letter of explanation, to specify the justification of the violation of the TC. In case of refusal by the employee to make this document make a report in the presence of at least two witnesses, then with them, sign it and attach the order of dismissal. Dismissal can be done in several steps. For example, first you take out the employee comment, then declare a reprimand after reprimand. The result will be a statement on no compliance with employee job titles. After that, you can terminate an employment relationship unilaterally.