If the employee gave you earlier the letter of resignation at own will, wait for the closure of the employee's sick leave, to make sure that the employee has not changed a decision to dismiss.
Fire the employee the next day after the end of the disease, this date will be considered the last working day
Make an entry in the workbook and in the personal card T-2. Provide the dismissed employee, an order for review.
Will pay retired employee all the required compensation law (including for the period of his disability under sick leave). You can dismiss an employee, who is on sick leave, after submitting the application on their own, in case he was set non-working group of disability.
Issue an order of dismissal of the employee. The termination date designated in the order shall be 15 days from the date of submission of the application. Make an entry in the workbook and in the personal card of the employee.
Send the employee a registered letter invitation on behalf of the personnel Department, so that he got acquainted with the order of dismissal and received a workbook.
Give him with adequate compensation and payments and fully pay sick leave until the day of disability.
Fire at own request of employee who is on sick leave, if the company has already taken on this workstation to transfer from another institution.
Issue an order of dismissal of an employee under article 80 (on their own). Make the appropriate entries in the workbook and in the personal card. Send the dismissed employee a registered letter with the notification in which to indicate the number of order of dismissal and invite it to review the order and receive the work book and the final settlement.
Give the work-book, become familiar with the order and to pay all compensation and fully paid sick leave.