You will need
  • - order of dismissal
  • - employment history
  • - the certificate on form 2-pit
  • - other documents
The order of dismissal. To calculate employee and giving him all the documents the employer is obliged to acquaint him with the order of dismissal. This order, the employee should carefully read and sign if the terms agree. It is the order of dismissal is considered a normative act for the employer and the employee about the legitimacy of the dismissal process. If the employee does not agree with his dismissal, to sign such an order impossible. You need to seek the truth through the Union, or the court.
Workbook. On the day of termination of the employment relationship with the employer, the employee must receive at the hands of his labor. It must contain a record of the employee in the company for a specific position, if there was a record of the movements in the company in various positions. And in the end, the entry of dismissal and reason for dismissal under article of the Labor code. The worker must carefully review the record because any mistake could later lead to serious trouble when you need to renew the record in the personnel Department.
The certificate on form 2-NDFL to apply for another job or to the labour exchange for recognition of the unemployed. The certificate is issued in the number of required documents in case of dismissal, it is necessary to calculate the total income of the employee for the new job.
At the request of the employee, the employer is obliged to provide any necessary information relating to the documents and information about the employee. Among these documents may be copies of orders for admission, a certificate of salary for the period of 2 years to provide for the employment, seniority, card, T-2 about the movements of the work change of his salary for the time of activities, vacations. All of this information the employer must provide within 3 days.