You will need
  • Forms of the relevant documents, the seal of the enterprise, the labour code, handle.
The sheet of accounting of working time, HR note the absence of the missing worker and put "NN". To pay for days of absence in the workplace the company is not required.
Employees of the personnel Department should write a letter of request stating the reason why the missing employee absent from the workplace. To send such a letter is necessary at the place of residence of the expert. If the address at which he can live and that indicated in the employment contract, a few letters of the content heading for each of them every two weeks.
If within six months none of them delivered, in the journal of incoming correspondence employees of the personnel Department make notes, then make up the statement about impossibility of receiving letters in the absence of the employee at the addresses of the place of residence.
The head of the company writes a statement about the loss of this specialist police at the location of the organization. The police in turn must issue a notice of registration of this statement. The document is attached to the personal file of the missing personnel officers of the enterprise.
If after one year the employee never showed up, the Director of the company should write a statement on the recognition of the employee of missing persons and to submit it to the court. The statement must make the statement about impossibility of receiving letters with requests by the addressee, the notification of registration from the police, a copy of the employment contract with the missing and the order about the reception of his work.
After the staff of the arbitration court will pass the decision, the head of the organization issues an order to dismiss the employeeand HR records in the workbook missing dismissal, based on judicial decision.
A bookkeeping business produce accrual for unused vacation and actual hours worked. Money and employment history stored in the archive of the company's demand for 75 years.