Financially responsible the employee is dismissed on the same principle as regular employees, that is, it can be on their own, and maybe for any act. Anyway, before firing it has to transfer all material values, which are assigned to it.
As a rule, if the employee leaves voluntarily, he shall in writing notify the Director two weeks in advance. During this time, he can give you all the business, property and other valuables. In any case it is impossible to hold the employee more than two weeks, even if the transfer is not completely finished.
In that case, if the dismissal took place on a voluntary agreement, both the employer and the employee, the period of transmission can be tightened, for example, in case of impossibility to transfer all the work for two weeks – leaving date has been postponed.
In the case of employee's dismissal for misconduct, such as truancy, we must act as in the first case, that is to meet in two weeks.
As a rule, first inventory values. She holds a Commission, consisting of independent people, that is, those who are not interested in concealment of the facts of damage, theft, etc. On the basis of calculations shall be drawn, which thereafter is transferred to the accounting Department for verification.
Financially responsible officer must take all documents to the accounting Department prior to the inventory and give a receipt that all information reported.
If the audit identified issues, despite the dismissal, the responsible employee must reimburse the entire damage (article 232 of the labour code).
The employee must submit an explanation of the results. In case of refusal, the act by two witnesses. This document will serve as the basis for the appeal to the court.