You will need
  • - a memo;
  • the act of violation;
  • - explanation;
  • - the act of renouncing explanation;
  • - the order imposing penalties;
  • - order of dismissal;
  • - calculation.
If the employee has not returned to work, it cannot be considered truancyohms. Even if immediate management is not alerted to the reason for absence, then it is not the fact that you will not be charged with sick leave or certificate, which are official documents exempting from work.
If the employee came to the workplace, but has not presented the documents confirming respectfulness of his absence, the foreman, the foreman or head of Department must write a report and submit it to the employer.
On the basis of the Memorandum, the employer must create a Commission from among the administrative staff of three persons and to commit an act of violation. Become familiar with the act of the employee under the bill, and ask them to write a written explanation for his absences. To explain to the employee the three days.
If within the applicable labor legislation of the period you have not received a letter of explanation, make the act of refusal from giving explanations.
Then you can issue an order of violation and disciplinary punishment (article No. 192, No. 193 TK the Russian Federation). Document familiarize the employee on receipt. If the offender is unwilling to put his signature, designed the about this additional act.
On the basis of the acts of the order, you have the right to fire an employee, issuing an additional order to dismiss the unified form T-8. Day release and perform a full calculation, give current salary and compensation for all unused vacation days, work record and other documents stored on the enterprise.
If you do not plan to make the dismissal, have the right to deprive the employee of award, impose additional administrative or material recovery.