You will need
  • - the act of employee absence in the workplace;
  • - the requirement to provide written explanations;
  • - a note from the employee about reasons for absence;
  • - the time sheet;
  • - order of termination of the employment contract (form T-8);
  • - personal card (form T-2);
  • - employment history;
  • - payslip.
In order to properly dismiss an employee for absenteeism, the employer must have evidence. Therefore, only the order of dismissal will not be enough. Otherwise, the employee may appeal the decision of dismissal in court, and the employer will be brought to administrative responsibility.
Initially it is necessary to issue the statement about absence of the worker in the workplace. It should contain the data of the employee, date and time, signatures of witnesses and the indication that the reason for absence is unclear. The act must be signed by at least two witnesses. You can also get other staff memoranda which confirm that they haven't seen slacker in the workplace.
Fill in the time sheet the wording NN (no-show for unknown reasons). At the same time demand from the employee explaining the reasons for the absence from the workplace. This can be done both orally and in writing. But if the employee attuned to the conflict, it is better to make a written request. To prepare an explanatory note to the employee is given two days.
An explanatory note must be retained. If the worker received a waiver, is required in the relevant act to make a record of refusal.
Issue an order on termination of the employment contract form number T-8 in connection with absenteeism. Resolution date must be no later than the month after the absence.
Make the entry in the work book. Specify the number and date of order of dismissal and the grounds for termination of contract absence from work.
Make a personal card by the employee on form T-2. Here make an entry on termination of employment contract due to absenteeism. The employee must sign the document.
On the day of dismissal, you must pay all outstanding fees (including a calculation sheet), and issue documents - workbook, a certificate of the amount of remuneration.