You will need
  • - the form of notification;
  • envelope;
  • - documents the employee, including work-book.
Write a notice to the employee about the necessity of getting them employment record. Specify the document request a personal appearance of employee at the main document on labour activity. The second option out of the situation obtaining enter the employment record through the mail. Write on the envelope the address of the residence of the employeeor the address of his place of residence stated when applying for a job. Send a letter with acknowledgment of receipt, which is evidence base on receipt of a notification by a specialist.
Wait for the response letter from the employee. If this is not received within one month, send another similar notice. When you receive a response from the employee labor send the book by mail. But before that, be sure to make an inventory of the documents that will be included in the letter. Usually such a letter is evaluated. Specify the cost of its evaluation. Write on the envelope the address of the employee, send a letter. Ask your postman to notify you of receipt specialist.
In case of refusal of the expert from receiving employment record in person or by mail make a report. Specify the personal data of the employeeand his job at which he worked. Indicate the fact of refusal to receive the main document of confirmation of employment. Note that the delay in the issuance of labour books the employer is threatened with administrative responsibility in the form of penalty imposing. So protect yourself from possible labor disputes, costs. Write in the act data of two or three witnesses of the refusal of the employeeand familiarize them with the document on receipt.
Hem the labour book, the act of refusal of receipt in a personal matter expert. In this form, save the document on labor two years. If employees are in a document, issue the labour book on demand. When the power of attorney from the relatives of the employee give them the document on receipt. If the employee never shows up to pick up a book, upload it to the archive, where you are required to keep the documents of strict accountability for 50 years.