Some gardeners do not need to consider the topping of cucumbers, that is tear them in certain places. But in order to get as much fruit whips, to perform the pinching is necessary.

A couple of weeks after planting it's time to tie up the wires. So convenient to be subsequently visually divide the plant for side shoots and the main stem. The stem must be primepay to cause the formation of new shoots, i.e. laterals, which then need to tie to the wire.

Topping of cucumber stems

Cucumbers in the open ground, you can grow without forming. Topping is produced without affecting the side shoots and a Central whip.

Most often the formation, nipping the plants in the greenhouse or soil is subjected to could appear the flowers of the female type. Cucumbers tend to grow on the main stem shoots, which belong to the male type. They are called "barren flowers" - they do not. For a rich harvest it is necessary to stimulate the appearance of female flowers type. On lateral shoots them grows a little more. It is therefore necessary to pinch back the shoots of the male, leaving the leaves so the plant receives the nutrients.

Reasons why you need a topping:
- after this procedure forced the plant begins to grow flowers female;
- if you leave the male shoots at the stalk, the cucumber will most likely grow bitter.

You need to pay attention to the shape of a whip. From hybrid plants during the growth of the tops need to remove higher of the sixth sheet, leaving only three escape, everything else is better cut. In standard varieties leave one stem, removing all weak shoots.

How to use pridobivanje to increase future harvest

Varieties are pollinated by bees mainly produce fruit on lateral branches and on the main grow only male flowers type. They should not be grow up to one meter long – nipping is carried out on a sixth worksheet. After a few weeks on lateral branches begin to bloom female flowers.

Breeders in this area has made great strides, in particular, have been bred varieties of cucumbers that have female flowers mostly appear on the main stem. But to cause a fruit-bearing flowers are needed in this case. It is necessary to do still – primitive the main escape. Appearing on lateral shoots then occurs to tab barren flowers – you can delete them.