Advice 1: How to pinch back cucumbers

To obtain an abundant, early and amicable crop of cucumbers it is important to form. So they were convenient to generate and harvest without damaging the whip, you need the cucumbers to tie to the trellis.
How to pinch back cucumbers
You will need
  • -tapestry
  • -twine
  • -scissors
Tie the whip to the trellis as soon as they begin to ramify and bend over. Need to tie under the cotyledon leaves and not tight, with the growth and development of plants.
Shaping cucumbers need depending on the variety. For example, hybrid varieties it is possible not to form at all, if they are planted early will bear fruit in the greenhouse. This grade will appear on the ovary and the fruit on all branches. Important to have enough time and not had a strong shading due to the fact that plants are thickened. So to put a hybrid cucumbers should be very rare, although this rule must be followed when planting any varieties of cucumbers, as if planting to produce a lot, even on the most fertile soil will be poor harvest.
When hybrid cucumbers are planted in open ground and not very early, to have time to form and to ripen all of the ovary, the whip must be formed.
For the formation of the lashes, cut the top 6 on a sheet and leave in the plant 3 escape. All the others produced shoots need to be removed. Irrespective of the place of landing on all the shoots you need to remove the top 6 on a sheet and in a timely manner to trim the coiled whip and yellowing leaves.
For the formation of ordinary cucumbers that do not have self-pollination and are pollinated by insects, it is necessary to form a plant in one, maximum in two of the stem.
Leave on the stems 4 growth zones and remove the top. All images of the shoots except the main stem should be cut off. If you form the cucumber into two stems, then cut the shoots appeared, leaving two major.
In areas of growth to leave only those points of growth which is planned to harvest. All other points of crop growth. In the formation of place all the leaves, otherwise the ovaries will not have enough nutrients.
If the image of the weak and twisted the whip, they also need to be removed.
Forming the cucumbers properly, the harvest will be earlier and more abundant.

Advice 2: How to dive cucumbers

Cucumber or Cucumber ordinary — an annual herbaceous plant of the Cucurbitaceae family. Stem prostrate, rough, tendrils finishes that he can cling to the support, the stem can stretch out to 1-2 m. the Leaves are cordate, five-lobed. Fruit — polyspermous, juicy, emerald green bubble. It can have different shape and size depending on the variety. In catering cucumbers are traditionally considered to be vegetables. Cucumbers are rich in complex organic substances, which play an important role in metabolism. These substances facilitate the absorption of other foods and improve digestion. They stimulate the appetite. Cucumber effectively increases the acidity of gastric juice, therefore, contraindicated suffering from gastritis with high acidity and peptic ulcer disease. To improve the yield of cucumbers need to dive (pinch). Actually, swordplay is the transplantation of seedlings from container to garden, but the cucumbers swordplay is quite another matter.
How to dive cucumbers
You will need
  • For transplanting of cucumbers you will need:
  • - secateurs or scissors;
  • - your skill and hands.
Cucumbers grown with us everywhere, they are zoned for different climatic conditions. Sow cucumbers in the area of the garden prepared especially for them. To do this, dig up a plot of land render the complex containing nitrogen, phosphate and potash fertilizers. Now flatten the land, with stirring and buried fertilizer. Never put fresh manure, it gives the bitterness of the cucumbers. Now make a hole with a diameter of about 50 centimeters, in each hole put at least 10 seeds large circle on the edges and a small circle in the middle. Time of sowing early may cucumbers, cucumbers are very afraid of frost. In colder climates you can first time to hold the cucumbers under the film. Watering cucumbers should be in a day with warm water.
Here the cucumbers start to grow, grows the first sheet, then the second. When there are 3 sheet and after it begins to grow on marusechka, take a pair of scissors or secateurs and cut it off. This is best done hands, two nails pinching off the stalk. After this prosivane (picks), cucumber gives 3-4 of the Appendix in this place, as a result of stems instead of one to become four. On these new stems begin to bloom flowers and tied 4 times more cucumbers! Then, with the appearance of new stems 3-4 leaves, you can repeat the operation, thereby increasing the number of stems to infinity. But much, of course, too much of this is not necessary. During flowering , the cucumbers must be treated with special substances that are sold in stores, contributing to the destruction of various pests. There are formulations to improve the ovaries and fruiting. Now you just have to wait for the harvest.
Useful advice
When you dive, be careful not to pull the root of the cucumber!

Advice 3: As pasynkovat cucumbers in the greenhouse

To obtain a large harvest of cucumbers, they are best grown in the greenhouse. And you will be able to try the first fruits in April-may. But it's not enough to just sow seeds into the soil, you need to pasynkovat cucumbers in the greenhouse. Then they will not grow impassable jungle and all its power will I give to the numerous maturation of the ovaries.
As pasynkovat cucumbers in the greenhouse

In the greenhouse cucumbers grown on a trellis in a single stem. Thus they take more space, not along the ground as in the open ground. But this is not important, but what if you grow varieties with male and female flowers, timely remove side shoots will quickly appear lateral shoots with female flowers. And it will accelerate the appearance of the first cucumbers.

So, what to do?
After you have planted cucumber seedlings in a greenhouse, care for them until on plants the fourth leaf. Then presidnete about it all the flower buds and side shoots. Next you need to tie up cucumbers in the greenhouse to the trellis. To do this, pull the top wire and tie it to pieces of twine that will hold the whip.

After the appearance of the 5, 6, 7 sheet pasynkovat cucumbers in the greenhouse should be different. On lateral shoots leave 1 ovary and 1 sheet, after which presidnete escape. Don't forget to wrap the growing scourge around the twine attached to the trellis.

When you see 8, 9 and 10 the sheet again presidnete side shoots in the axils, but now leave in 2 cucumbers and 2 of the sheet. And finally, after 11 sheet remove all of the ovary, in addition to 3 cucumbers and 3 leaves on each shoot. The whip reaches usually of wire, stretched along the greenhouse. Secure it by tying around it a couple of times, let grow the main run of about half a meter, and when a new ovaries, leave them and tear off the top growth.

Periodically check all the whip on the presence of new side shoots if they appear, immediately break off. To leave them is not worth it, even if it is for their flowers and ovaries. All this will create additional load on the main stem, and will create shading in the greenhouse.

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