Advice 1: How to pinch back cucumbers

To obtain an abundant, early and amicable crop of cucumbers it is important to form. So they were convenient to generate and harvest without damaging the whip, you need the cucumbers to tie to the trellis.
How to pinch back cucumbers
You will need
  • -tapestry
  • -twine
  • -scissors
Tie the whip to the trellis as soon as they begin to ramify and bend over. Need to tie under the cotyledon leaves and not tight, with the growth and development of plants.
Shaping cucumbers need depending on the variety. For example, hybrid varieties it is possible not to form at all, if they are planted early will bear fruit in the greenhouse. This grade will appear on the ovary and the fruit on all branches. Important to have enough time and not had a strong shading due to the fact that plants are thickened. So to put a hybrid cucumbers should be very rare, although this rule must be followed when planting any varieties of cucumbers, as if planting to produce a lot, even on the most fertile soil will be poor harvest.
When hybrid cucumbers are planted in open ground and not very early, to have time to form and to ripen all of the ovary, the whip must be formed.
For the formation of the lashes, cut the top 6 on a sheet and leave in the plant 3 escape. All the others produced shoots need to be removed. Irrespective of the place of landing on all the shoots you need to remove the top 6 on a sheet and in a timely manner to trim the coiled whip and yellowing leaves.
For the formation of ordinary cucumbers that do not have self-pollination and are pollinated by insects, it is necessary to form a plant in one, maximum in two of the stem.
Leave on the stems 4 growth zones and remove the top. All images of the shoots except the main stem should be cut off. If you form the cucumber into two stems, then cut the shoots appeared, leaving two major.
In areas of growth to leave only those points of growth which is planned to harvest. All other points of crop growth. In the formation of place all the leaves, otherwise the ovaries will not have enough nutrients.
If the image of the weak and twisted the whip, they also need to be removed.
Forming the cucumbers properly, the harvest will be earlier and more abundant.

Advice 2 : How to pinch back the shoots on cucumbers

The shoots on the cucumber after the appearance of the pinch on the main whip of the 4th sheet. The procedure is repeated after the appearance of the 5th, 6th and 7th leaves, thus leave a certain number of leaves and ovaries.
cucumbers in the greenhouse
The process of pinching is carried out before flowering, it is necessary to act very carefully so as not to damage the main stem and the existing leaves. For convenience and to avoid damaging the whip can wield a pair of scissors with rounded ends.

Why you need to remove side shoots

If the plant has created favorable conditions for growth, it gives a large number of shoots and leaves, as a result, the culture itself suffers from a lack of light. The main whip begins to grow faster and higher in competition with the stepchildren for the light, as a result, the space between the sheets increases and there is a tendency to reduction of number of the leaves. As well as the formation of the ovary of cucumber occurs in the leaf axils, it is not the best way affects productivity.

When you remove side shoots of cucumbers need to act very carefully: with one hand slightly pull the sheet and the other nip stepson at the base of the stem. Not all side shoots are removed. Because the main stem is used for formation of male flowers, and stepchildren women. Therefore, to ensure normal pollination process some portion of laterals retained.

How to pinch back

With proper pinching of cucumbers you can grow a plant with a strong stem, with the necessary amount of greens, healthy side shoots and lots of fruit. Regardless grown varieties to pinch off only after the formation of 4 sheets on the main whip. All the shoots and leaves below his level need to be removed and the plants were tied up to the trellis. On lateral shoots, which appeared between the 4th and the 7th sheet, it is necessary to leave on the 1st sheet and 1 ovary. The escape of the pinch, and if necessary, tied up to a trellis. At the same time, cucumber is recommended to feed with humus, suitable for this purpose and the finished fertilizer. Timely watering and good ventilation contribute to better yields.

Further, the scheme of pinching the same: once the 9-th sheet, stepchildren again the pinch, each of them has already 2 sheets and 2 of the ovary. Stepchildren, formed by 11 sheet will have already 3 sheets and 3 ovaries and so on. The growth of the main stem it wrapped around the trellis, the further growth of even half a meter will give a signal about the need prischipnut growth point. After this it remains only to control the growth of side shoots, in time removing excess ovaries and leaves.

Advice 3 : Why pinch off the cucumbers and how to do it

One of the most popular types of vegetable crops are cucumbers. They are very unpretentious and if timely care is very prolific. All summer you can collect a great harvest if we can find a sound approach for simple cultivation. One of the ways to increase the yield – topping cucumbers.
Why pinch off the cucumbers and how to do it

What you need to do topping cucumbers

Many gardeners wonder if it is possible to achieve high productivity, if you pinch back cucumber correctly and in a timely manner. On this account there is no unanimous opinion. Quite possible to leave all the lateral shoots without pridobivanje, and the yield is thus not reduced. But a male shoots, which will form the ovaries will receive the same amount of moisture and nutrients, as well as female fertile shoots and formation of leaves will be increased.

With the right topping non-bearing shoots there is the possibility to get rid of the bitterness of the cucumber, which is very often present (more than 70% of these shoots and give the bitterness). Besides, if you know how to pinch back cucumbers correctly, you can avoid decay and many diseases of plants that can hit in the overgrown tangle of vines. In addition, primitiva the shell, are formed at protonotary branch for additional produce a crop of cucumbers. Vines subjected to this treatment, the formation of the fruit occurs most actively, the form is correct, without "hooks".

Technique pridobivanje: how to pinch back cucumbers correctly

Topping is a completely uncomplicated process which only consists of truncation of the upper leaves by hand or cut with scissors until flowering. You need to pinch back cucumbers correctly to avoid damaging the leaves, stem vine. Often the equipment manufacturers to describe the packaging of seed and, having done it once, to repeat the next year is not difficult. It is sufficient to remember a few simple recommendations.

When the main branches of the first four plates, topping produce immediately, it will be a powerful stimulus to further growth of branches and formation of the stem. When the side shoots were given a new ovary, pinch back cucumbers correctly will help the following technique: leave one ovary and one sheet. And thus each side of the whip needs to be treated.

Shape the plant by topping need at each branch and along the entire length. Weak shoots and empty ovaries need to be removed immediately. In addition, the lower branches, even fruit, is also subject to circumcision, because they will consume the greatest amount of nutrients, and fruits are not happy. In order to understand how to pinch back cucumbers properly, you need to remember that the main branch to remove the leaves after the sixth or seventh leaf, and on each side – all subsequent after the first sheet and the ovary. After this procedure the plant should be fed with fertilizer.

Time for the timely processing cucumber vines need not so much, and hardworking gardener will have a high crop of cucumbers.


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