The most common and the main reason why cucumbers grow crooked is imbalance in soil nutrients. The change in the form of vegetables usually occurs from a lack of potassium. Many gardeners quite carefully care for the cucumbers, in time their water, air, bring the soil nutrients, etc., but not knowing what exactly you need to feed the plants is the main reason of the curvature of the fruit.

It is worth remembering that the use of only nitrogen application significantly increases the growth of cucumbers, but if the substance in the soil a surplus, Yes, and in addition it does not have enough potassium, it is a direct way to ugly vegetables.

If the feeding be used moderately, to balance them, the more likely you will avoid problems with the shape of the harvest, but it will come down to "no" if the time of ripening of cucumbers in the region colder. The fact that the ambient temperature is below 10 degrees potassium almost completely ceases to absorb into the root system. If the region is quite warm and the crop is growing crooked, then fertilize the plants with potassium sulphate or wood ash: this feeding will prevent twisting of the remaining fruit.

All of the above are not the only reasons why cucumbers are growing curved, for example, they can be bent due to the fact that next grow different varieties (pollinated by bees and parthenocarpic), but also because of irregular and lack of irrigation, lack of daylight, etc.