Is it possible to grow cucumbers at home?

Many keen gardeners can't resist in order to grow in the winter in the home not only chives and parsley, but fresh cucumbers. Actually it's quite easy, you only need to select the appropriate variety or hybrid cucumbers.
Plant cucumbers to grow on the dialog, since mid-January, when the use of illumination for 10-12 hours a day.

For sowing cucumber seeds need to be soaked for a few hours for better germination. Prepare the pots for planting, with a diameter of not less than 15 cm Because the cucumbers really can not tolerate a transplant, they need to be immediately planted in a permanent place. Seedlings of cucumbers are demanding to light, in low light they stretch out, fade, become weak and did not gain color. A good harvest from them is not worth waiting, so be careful with additional lighting: place over the seedling lamp with fluorescent lamp and provide light for 10-12 hours.

Your Pets will thank you with rapid growth, active flowering and fruiting. To support extending the whip, think, and do trellis. After the appearance of the third true leaf of the plant should be pinched, it will accelerate the appearance of female flowers and fruitage. Don't forget about dressing – double-universal application of mineral fertilizer, with a break of a month.

How to pollinate cucumbers, growing home

More other varieties to grow on a window, balcony or loggia suitable parthenocarpic hybrids of cucumber, i.e., do not require pollination. These include the "Zozulya", "April", "Manul". From conventional varieties of these hybrids are distinguished by a large number of female flowers, from which, after prosperity begins to develop a cucumber. They are quite resistant to changes in ambient temperature. However, bee pollinating varieties can be grown at home, although it will require more time and attention to their Pets.
For growing at home use of self-pollinated parthenocarpic hybrids resistant to adverse conditions.

To artificially pollinate the cucumbers, require to carefully observe the flowering: you need to learn to distinguish male flowers (barren flowers) of the female. Women's ovaries are visible to the naked eye: a flower blooms on a small green seal, resembling the cucumber. Your task is to transfer pollen from the male flower to the female and pollinate it. Tear shell, tear off the petals to stamen was open. Then touch it to the pistil in the female ovaries. To be sure, repeat the action several times, but carefully, not a bummer ovary. If pollination was successful, the ovary will begin to grow in size, if pollination did not happen – it will fall off. It is best to pollination in the morning hours.