Conditions for growing cucumbers on the windowsill

Can I grow cucumbers on the windowsill all year round? Alas, the break will have to do, but just in case, if you do not want to bother with helium or fluorescent lighting. The last days of February, when daylight gradually begins to increase is the time for planting cucumbers.

Cucumber is quite shade tolerant plant, but on the window sill all the world for him is not enough, especially in spring and autumn. And because cucumbers grow only on the southern or South-Eastern Windows. The plant does not like drafts, make sure that in window frames without gaps.

It makes sense to grow cucumbers on the windowsill just in case, if the temperature in the apartment never drops below 20 degrees. This heat-loving plant ceases growth at temperatures below 16 degrees.

Cucumber likes high humidity, in winter, to provide him with such conditions will not be easy, will have to cover battery home heating wet towels. Just spraying the leaves in this case will not help.

If you can arrange for plants suitable conditions, you can grow cucumbers at home on the windowsill. One plant on average will collect from 10 to 15 good medium size cucumbers.

Varieties and preparation of seed

In order to grow cucumbers on the windowsill, need a parthenocarpic hybrid or self-pollinated varieties. Of course, if you do not want to pollinate them yourself. Inappropriate choice of varieties neopytnye ovaries cucumbers turn yellow and fall off. Recommended varieties: the F1 Window and balcony F1 Gift of the East F1 Catherine, F1 Marathon F1 Faust and many others.

If you are going to grow cucumbers for the first time, it is best to purchase seeds of shade-tolerant and not afraid of changes in temperature varieties.

For germination the seeds need a cotton cloth or cotton pads. Moisturize them and put on a saucer, on top lay the seeds of cucumbers. Avoid drying of the tissue. After just a couple of days the seeds will hatch. All, they can be planted in previously prepared soil about an inch deep.

What is better to grow cucumbers on the windowsill

Pickles some free, so the pot for their cultivation needs to be large enough. One plant will need a five-liter vessel. This can be a simple flower pot, even better – a home-made box, which perfectly fits several of the bushes. The most economical way is to take a five-liter water bottle and cut them the upper part together with the neck. As an option – double plastic bags. Just do not forget that whatever containers you choose, be sure in the bottom you need to make holes to drain excess water.

What soil you need to grow cucumbers on the windowsill

Novice gardeners will be easier to buy a ready ground in the store. Those who have the desire to cook, you can offer several options:

  • Mix 4 parts garden soil, 1 part humus and 1 part peat. 5 liters of the mixture add 100 grams of ash, a teaspoon of magnesium sulfate and a tablespoon of fertilizer "full".
  • Mix 2 parts of garden soil, humus, peat and one part sawdust. 5 litres of soil add 100 grams of ash, a teaspoon of magnesium sulfate and a tablespoon of fertilizer "full".
  • In equal proportions mix the vermicompost and horticultural land, add 5 tablespoons of wood ash for every 5 liters of soil.

In principle, to grow cucumbers on the windowsill in any soil without a crop there will be no, just in the proper land yield, quite naturally, will be much higher. Well, to fertilize unprepared soil will still have.

How to plant cucumbers on the windowsill

In addition to soil and containers for planting, you will need twine for future reliance cucumbers and glass or plastic covers to shelter seedlings.

  1. A pot filled with soil below the edges of 3-4 cm Spread sprouted (if not – then dry or soaked) seeds in the amount of 3 pieces at a distance of approximately two cm apart. Sprinkle them with earth.
  2. Sprinkle the seedlings, let the water soak in.
  3. To create a greenhouse effect cover seedlings with a plastic or glass container. Remove the pots in the warmest place in the apartment. Most often it is the top of the cabinets in the kitchen. When you see the sprouts "greenhouse" removed, and the pots are on permanent stay in the South or Southeast window sills.
  4. When formed true leaves, select the most powerful and beautiful plant, remove the rest.

How to grow cucumbers on the windowsill

Prepare in advance a support for the cucumbers. It can be a twine or thick nylon thread and a long peg, to which cucumber whip will need to be tied up. In the case of peg all of which appeared on the cucumber mustache need to remove.

After the appearance of 5-6 internodes cucumber it is necessary to pinch back. Also the pinch lateral shoots above the second leaf.

To grow cucumbers on the windowsill without feeding – waste of time. Every two weeks, and with the appearance of pickles and every 10 days should be feeding. In the top layer of soil can make 1 tsp of Agroliga" or water diluted in two liters of water cap "Growth". You can just once a month to pour fresh vermicompost.