Advice 1: How to grow cucumbers at home on the windowsill

Urban residents who do not have your country site, or Amateur gardeners who want to harvest not only in the warm season, once the option of growing cucumbers on the windowsill. Those who grow cucumbers on the plot, this would be easy, but with no such experience it is necessary to know the needs of this plant.
How to grow cucumbers at home on the windowsill


Conditions for growing cucumbers on the windowsill

Can I grow cucumbers on the windowsill all year round? Alas, the break will have to do, but just in case, if you do not want to bother with helium or fluorescent lighting. The last days of February, when daylight gradually begins to increase is the time for planting cucumbers.

Cucumber is quite shade tolerant plant, but on the window sill all the world for him is not enough, especially in spring and autumn. And because cucumbers grow only on the southern or South-Eastern Windows. The plant does not like drafts, make sure that in window frames without gaps.

It makes sense to grow cucumbers on the windowsill just in case, if the temperature in the apartment never drops below 20 degrees. This heat-loving plant ceases growth at temperatures below 16 degrees.

Cucumber likes high humidity, in winter, to provide him with such conditions will not be easy, will have to cover battery home heating wet towels. Just spraying the leaves in this case will not help.

If you can arrange for plants suitable conditions, you can grow cucumbers at home on the windowsill. One plant on average will collect from 10 to 15 good medium size cucumbers.

Varieties and preparation of seed

In order to grow cucumbers on the windowsill, need a parthenocarpic hybrid or self-pollinated varieties. Of course, if you do not want to pollinate them yourself. Inappropriate choice of varieties neopytnye ovaries cucumbers turn yellow and fall off. Recommended varieties: the F1 Window and balcony F1 Gift of the East F1 Catherine, F1 Marathon F1 Faust and many others.

If you are going to grow cucumbers for the first time, it is best to purchase seeds of shade-tolerant and not afraid of changes in temperature varieties.

For germination the seeds need a cotton cloth or cotton pads. Moisturize them and put on a saucer, on top lay the seeds of cucumbers. Avoid drying of the tissue. After just a couple of days the seeds will hatch. All, they can be planted in previously prepared soil about an inch deep.

What is better to grow cucumbers on the windowsill

Pickles some free, so the pot for their cultivation needs to be large enough. One plant will need a five-liter vessel. This can be a simple flower pot, even better – a home-made box, which perfectly fits several of the bushes. The most economical way is to take a five-liter water bottle and cut them the upper part together with the neck. As an option – double plastic bags. Just do not forget that whatever containers you choose, be sure in the bottom you need to make holes to drain excess water.

What soil you need to grow cucumbers on the windowsill

Novice gardeners will be easier to buy a ready ground in the store. Those who have the desire to cook, you can offer several options:

  • Mix 4 parts garden soil, 1 part humus and 1 part peat. 5 liters of the mixture add 100 grams of ash, a teaspoon of magnesium sulfate and a tablespoon of fertilizer "full".
  • Mix 2 parts of garden soil, humus, peat and one part sawdust. 5 litres of soil add 100 grams of ash, a teaspoon of magnesium sulfate and a tablespoon of fertilizer "full".
  • In equal proportions mix the vermicompost and horticultural land, add 5 tablespoons of wood ash for every 5 liters of soil.

In principle, to grow cucumbers on the windowsill in any soil without a crop there will be no, just in the proper land yield, quite naturally, will be much higher. Well, to fertilize unprepared soil will still have.

How to plant cucumbers on the windowsill

In addition to soil and containers for planting, you will need twine for future reliance cucumbers and glass or plastic covers to shelter seedlings.

  1. A pot filled with soil below the edges of 3-4 cm Spread sprouted (if not – then dry or soaked) seeds in the amount of 3 pieces at a distance of approximately two cm apart. Sprinkle them with earth.
  2. Sprinkle the seedlings, let the water soak in.
  3. To create a greenhouse effect cover seedlings with a plastic or glass container. Remove the pots in the warmest place in the apartment. Most often it is the top of the cabinets in the kitchen. When you see the sprouts "greenhouse" removed, and the pots are on permanent stay in the South or Southeast window sills.
  4. When formed true leaves, select the most powerful and beautiful plant, remove the rest.

How to grow cucumbers on the windowsill

Prepare in advance a support for the cucumbers. It can be a twine or thick nylon thread and a long peg, to which cucumber whip will need to be tied up. In the case of peg all of which appeared on the cucumber mustache need to remove.

After the appearance of 5-6 internodes cucumber it is necessary to pinch back. Also the pinch lateral shoots above the second leaf.

To grow cucumbers on the windowsill without feeding – waste of time. Every two weeks, and with the appearance of pickles and every 10 days should be feeding. In the top layer of soil can make 1 tsp of Agroliga" or water diluted in two liters of water cap "Growth". You can just once a month to pour fresh vermicompost.






Advice 2 : How to grow tomatoes on the windowsill

Garden on the windowsill - a perfect solution for busy people and those who can't afford to keep farmland. Conventional homes are grown in almost everything, including tomatoes.
to grow tomatoes on the windowsill
First, you should know that the tomato is a plant that loves light and direct sunlight could not restrain him. To grow tomatoes you need on the Windows, facing South. If the natural light is low, it is necessary to add the fluorescent light. For growing these vegetables on the windowsill best suited tomatoes dwarf varieties.
First you need transparent plastic cups (transparency need to control watering). Fill the cups with soil, which must first parboil.
When the earth cooled, make 2-3 small holes in it and put the seeds. After this, the cups put in a warm place (about 25°C) and so that the moisture does not evaporate, cover with plastic film. As soon as the sprouts, the cups need to move on a cool windowsill to germs unnecessarily stretched.
The first watering should be only when the top soil dries. Need to be watered with warm water and preferably of a rubber bulb, sticking it between the earth and the wall of the Cup (to control humidity). Watering pear is also good for avoiding wetting of the upper soil layer. After a month the seedlings can be transplanted into bigger containers.Caring for tomatoes must pasynkovat, i.e., remove the shoots in the leaf axils. This is necessary to ensure that nutrients are not consumed in the laterals, because this decreases the yield. Enough to leave one stepson from the first inflorescence. Over time, around the stems put the pegs to which they tie. Yellowing leaves need to be removed.
It should be noted that 2-3 hours after irrigation, it is desirable to ventilate the room – the tomatoes are not afraid of drafts and at the same time will not be excess moisture. Sufficient watering 2 times a week to maintain moisture in the pot. Every ten days you need to be fertilizing with mineral and organic fertilizers. It would also be useful to spray a special solution leaves of tomatoes.
To the tomatoes better started, a couple of times a week to tap on the stem so that the flower brush was shaken. As soon as the fruits are formed, it is necessary to remove the tops of the plants so that the fruit could fully develop.

Advice 3 : How to grow cucumber on the windowsill

In the shops all year round you can buy fresh cucumbers, but they don't have the same flavor as homemade, from the garden. And, most likely, contain large amounts of nitrates and other harmful substances. If you want to surprise your loved ones organic cucumbers, try growing them at home on the windowsill.
How to grow cucumber on the windowsill
You will need
  • - seeds of cucumbers;
  • - capacity for planting;
  • - drainage;
  • - grunt.
Preparation for planting and planting the seed
For growing cucumbers on windowsills use the wide and long containers or pots with 5 l per plant. Make your choice of container, pour in a bit of drainage (pebbles, expanded clay or broken bricks), and then the ground. As the soil is better to use commercially available nutrient solution. Now for the seeds, which before planting you need to germinate. To do this, wrap them in a damp cloth and place it in a bowl. Periodically add in a saucer of water, as the fabric dries up very quickly. As soon as I hatch the first sprouts, transplant them into the prepared pots with soil to a depth of 1-2 cm and pour.
Install the pots with the planted sprouts on the South or Southeast window. On the window sill should be no draft, so close the window and seal existing cracks. While cucumbers do not have a strong root system, plug in the pot support peg further garter plants. After 5-6 leaf, stem tied to the stake. Allow the main stalk to reach the top of the window, along the way, you'll harvest young cucumbers. Then priderite the top, it will give the side shoots of the second order. Thus, you can adjust branching plants and more.
Pay attention to the soil in the pots was constantly moist. For this water the cucumbers 1-2 times a day in small doses. The water temperature should be 28-29 degrees. After watering, do not forget to put the earth under bare roots.
Without feeding expect good growth and fruiting of cucumber makes no sense. So start to feed the plant immediately after planting, every 7-8 days. Use complex mineral fertilizers low concentration. During heavy fruiting dose of fertilizer increase. Another point of reference, when the rate of fertilizer needed to increase, it is the yellowing leaves of the plant.
Useful advice
When selecting seeds, choose varieties that don't require pollination. To grow cucumbers on the windowsill all year round. Spring planting of cucumbers usually begins in late February, when it is not required additional lighting.

Advice 4 : How to grow tomatoes at home

Features a private suburban area, not everyone can. However, a great alternative for a real vegetable garden can be a window sill of the usual city apartment, where you can grow a variety of vegetable crops, one of which are tomatoes.
How to grow tomatoes at home
You will need
  • - plastic cups; - soil; seeds - dwarf or dwarf varieties of tomatoes; - polyethylene; - additional lighting (agro lamp, fluorescent lamp); - pear for soil moisture; - pots with a volume of 3-5L; mineral or organic fertilizers; - clay; - sand; - peat; - wooden pegs
In order to grow tomatoes at home, prepare the usual plastic cups and fill them with soil. Disinfect the soil by filling it with boiling water. After it has cooled, put seeds in the ground, deepening them a couple of inches. In one Cup put 2-3 seed. Weak shoots after germination remove.
Cups with planted seeds in them, cover with polythene and place them in a warm place, the temperature which ranges from 25 to 30°C. until germination, transfer the cups with home planted tomatoes on the window sill.
To start watering only after drying of the upper soil layer. This will reduce the likelihood of fungal diseases. Watering home grown tomatoes with pears, sticking it between the wall of the Cup and soil. Using this method of watering, you will not preobragenia the top layer of soil and eliminate the possibility of erosion.
A month after the seedlings are strong enough, you can start replanting it in large containers. For growing dwarf varieties of tomatoes at home is best suited pots with a volume of 3-5L. On the bottom of the tank, place the concrete, pour a layer of sand with a height of 2cm, the middle of the pot, set the plant and sprinkle it with earth until the cotyledon leaves. In order to grow tomatoes at home, use soil, including sand, peat, humus and sod land, taken in equal proportions.
Regularly remove side shoots of tomatoes grown at home. This process is to remove the developing in the leaf axils of the shoots. And remove them with hands, without use of knife or any other sharp instruments. Timely getting rid of consuming nutrients from plants stepchildren, you will greatly increase the yield.
In order to grow tomatoes at home and get rich harvest, gently water them 3-4 times a week with warm water, avoiding erosion of the soil under a Bush. Every 2 weeks, fertilize plants with organic (manure, ash) and mineral fertilizers. And as the growth of stems necessarily podesavate them to vertically wooden pegs.
After the formation of the main part of the fruit, remove the top of the plants together with flowering tassels. Thus you will ensure grown in tomatoes full development.
Tomatoes are light-requiring culture, it is not afraid of direct sunlight, so growing them at home is best suited South side. If the Windows of your apartment face North, West or East, provide the tomatoes with supplementary lighting in the form of fluorescent lamps.
Useful advice
For growing tomatoes at home is best suited for dwarf or low-growing varieties such as "Little Florida" and "oak" that bring small, but very tasty and juicy fruit.

Advice 5 : How to grow windowsill tomatoes and cucumbers

Cucumbers and tomatoes can be grown not only in a greenhouse or in the garden to build the beds it is really at home on a normal window sill. And if you provide adequate lighting and temperatures, the crop does not have to wait very long.
How to grow windowsill tomatoes and cucumbers

Features of growing cucumbers on the windowsill

The very first step on the way to getting its features homemade products will be the right selection of seeds. Not all varieties are suitable for cultivation in such difficult conditions. Choose from parthenocarpic, they do not require pollination. Well established hybrids such as "April", "Masha", "Tot", "Stella", "Ant", etc. Preferably on the window sill and balcony to grow hybrids. This "Hummingbird", "swallowtail", "City fiddle", "Balcony", "shed", etc.

If you want to plant pollinated by bees good grade to have carried out the pollination manually. To do this, tear off a male flower and gently touch it to the pistil stamens of the female flowers.

You also need to stock up on good fertile soil. For this autumn, dig garden soil, sand and humus. Substrate for prepare cucumbers in the same proportion – 80% garden soil, take 10% sand and humus. Mix well and be sure to steam by putting a container of soil over the pot of boiling water.
If you do not want to mess with the preparation of fertile soils and buy ready ground in the store.

Before planting the seeds be sure to soak them by putting in a damp cloth. Plant cucumbers to grow on the windowsill first, better in small plastic cups. And when the seedlings will release the cotyledon leaves, transplant one plant in large pots.

Grow cucumbers on the South window, and when you see mustache, you need to stick a stake and tie the stalk. Remove all side shoots, they will only weaken the plant. And when the stem is at least 12 leaves, presidnete the tip. This will contribute to the rapid maturation of the fruit already started.
If there is not enough lighting, dosvechivat fluorescent lamps.

Peculiarities of cultivation of tomatoes on the windowsill

Not all the tomatoes will bear fruit abundantly at home, it is better to choose low-growing early varieties, for example, the "Japanese room", "oak", "Moskvich", "Bonsai", "ladybug", etc. Before sowing seeds need to be treated with saturated solution of potassium permanganate for 1-2 minutes. This will allow you to destroy the pathogens Phytophthora and other diseases. Then the seeds are dried, sown in seedling boxes, which put in a warm place, covered with glass. After germination, the boxes are transferred into the lighted area and remove the glass. Tomatoes grow fast, and within 5-7 days you need to hold the dive. At this point the seedlings will be a real leaf. During the pick, carefully remove one plant from the soil, cut the tip of the root and transplanted seedlings in one instance in a spacious pot. For soil you can use a mixture of compost, loam, and sand, taken in equal parts.

In good light and a temperature of at least 20oC seedlings growing fast, it is only necessary to remove stepchildren and time to irrigate, but avoid waterlogging. Water for irrigation to pre-defend. To prevent fungal diseases spend spraying a solution of Bordeaux mixture. To do this, dissolve 10 g copper sulfate in 1 liter of water. Then 20 g of slaked lime dissolve in 100 g of water. Mix liquids and handle seedlings.

Pollination of tomatoes 2-3 times a week postukivanie in palms with flowers. And when the main part of the fruit itself, remove the tops from each plant and remove all new flower brush. This will contribute to the maturation.

Advice 6 : Early varieties of tomatoes for balconies and home gardens

Tomatoes grown on the balcony? And why not! Just select the appropriate varieties – early ripening, forming a small compact Bush – installed on the balcony containers, fill them with soil for vegetable crops and begin planting a vegetable garden on the balcony. Of course this short review does not exhaust the abundance of early varieties of tomatoes for balconies and home gardens.
Early varieties of tomatoes for balconies and home gardens
Room surprise

This ultra early variety of tomato for compacted landings. Great for growing in container culture in the loggias, the balconies, in the home. The plant is neat, compact, up to half a meter, does not require the formation and pinching. Fruiting friendly, comes after 80-90 days after germination. Fruit medium-sized, plum, weighing about 60 g. Fruiting occurs together, the harvest is plentiful. The purpose of the class — universal.

Pygmy room

This ripening varieties can be grown as a container on balconies, loggias, terraces, as well as be used outdoors in tight crop of vegetable and flower crops (in the borders). The plant is a dwarf, ornamental in appearance, 25-30 cm tall. Tomatoes can be grown nonseedlings way. Fruiting bushes are plentiful. The fruits are small, weighing about 25 g, red, very sweet. The purpose of the class — universal.


This early maturing variety for cultivation anywhere, and under the film shelters and outdoors, at home, and on loggias and balconies. Plant height of 30-40 cm, does not require the formation and pinching. The variety is characterized by abundant fructification; tomatoes ripen red, small (15-25 g), pleasant sweet taste with the sourness. The grade features high decorative, easy environment, good ability to bear fruit even with a lack of light.
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