You will need
  • For transplanting of cucumbers you will need:
  • - secateurs or scissors;
  • - your skill and hands.
Cucumbers grown with us everywhere, they are zoned for different climatic conditions. Sow cucumbers in the area of the garden prepared especially for them. To do this, dig up a plot of land render the complex containing nitrogen, phosphate and potash fertilizers. Now flatten the land, with stirring and buried fertilizer. Never put fresh manure, it gives the bitterness of the cucumbers. Now make a hole with a diameter of about 50 centimeters, in each hole put at least 10 seeds large circle on the edges and a small circle in the middle. Time of sowing early may cucumbers, cucumbers are very afraid of frost. In colder climates you can first time to hold the cucumbers under the film. Watering cucumbers should be in a day with warm water.
Here the cucumbers start to grow, grows the first sheet, then the second. When there are 3 sheet and after it begins to grow on marusechka, take a pair of scissors or secateurs and cut it off. This is best done hands, two nails pinching off the stalk. After this prosivane (picks), cucumber gives 3-4 of the Appendix in this place, as a result of stems instead of one to become four. On these new stems begin to bloom flowers and tied 4 times more cucumbers! Then, with the appearance of new stems 3-4 leaves, you can repeat the operation, thereby increasing the number of stems to infinity. But much, of course, too much of this is not necessary. During flowering , the cucumbers must be treated with special substances that are sold in stores, contributing to the destruction of various pests. There are formulations to improve the ovaries and fruiting. Now you just have to wait for the harvest.