When growing cucumbers, you should not forget that this culture is very hygrophilous. On top of that its root system is very weak and located in the upper soil layers. That is why even at the slightest underfilling cucumbers immediately begin to react. Their branches wither, and the leaves turn yellow. In addition, the lack of water affects the taste quality of the fruit. In dry and hot weather, when the plant lacks moisture, the cucumbers start to taste bitter. That is why even in the period of fruiting cucumbers need punctually to water! This should be done at least every 2-3 days.

Keep in mind that watering cucumbers need to use only warm water, even in extreme heat. Cold water can provoke the emergence of various diseases in plants.

Not during fruiting cucumbers to forget about feeding. This should be done every two weeks. For feeding, use a solution of chicken droppings or manure is 1:20. You can buy in specialized stores fertilizer, made on the basis of manure: "Biod", "Humisol" or "Gardener". When dressing to avoid the contact of these fertilizers on the leaves of the plant.

In addition, you need to pay attention to the shape of cucumbers. Their appearance can be judged on the lack of a trace element. If cucumber in appearance much like a pear, this is a sure sign of potassium deficiency. Then the role of feeding may be a solution of wood ash – a glass on a water bucket. If the upper part of the cucumbers is slightly narrowed, and their skin is lightened, the plant lacks nitrogen. In this case, feed the cucumbers with urea – 10 grams in a bucket of water.

Naturally, how to care for cucumbers in the fruiting period, each farmer decides for himself. However, the main rules of care should be observed. Then the reward is an abundant harvest will not keep you waiting long.