Cucumbers always tied to female flowers after pollination. This is a biological feature of cucumber plants. The most feminine flowers growing on the main stem and on lateral shoots. The main reasons that contribute to the formation of a large number of barren flowers, the following:

  • Sowing fresh seeds (harvest last year). Seeds of the varieties it is necessary to use not less than 2-3 years ago, warmed up before planting.
  • Dense planting. Plants begin to push each other, fight for space power and light. Develops a main stem, where it produces male flowers.
  • Planting cucumbers even in lightly shaded areas - makes plants indignation. Cucumber is a great lover of light, of the sun. Place the plant so that they were covered from all sides.
  • Cold, watering with cold water, ie stress.
  • The manual removal of male flowers. Without these colors will tie the fruit on the female flowers.

For the emergence of a greater number of female flowers need to do the nipping the main stem over 4-5 leaf. After pinching cucumbers stop growing and start to grow side shoots, which will form the main crop. Cucumber plants with short whips in the open ground it is not necessary to pinch back. They are well branched and form a lot of female flowers.

Short-term drying of the soil under the plants (short break irrigations) also causes stress, which can be used for the formation of ovaries - the female flowers. If the plants are getting a little bit podvedut, it is a signal that they should be watered.

In warm weather, watering to do best in the evening, warmed in the sun by the water. Then feed, put some fertile land. It will be a good incentive for the supply of the ovaries is cucumbers.

Common charges young fruit forcing plants to give more female flowers. And cucumbers-overgrown intercept a lot of nutrients necessary for young ovaries. Plants age prematurely.