Greenhouses are portable and stationary. Portable greenhouses are good because they are quite easy to move if necessary on a new place that is sometimes necessary, as if a lot of years to grow a crop on that soil "gets tired", it may encounter various dangerous diseases, which leads to lower yields. In stationary greenhouses should be steamed or completely change the earth. If you do that, because any reasons, don't have, two weeks before planting spend disinfection of the soil. To do this, use a one per cent solution of potassium permanganate or a three percent solution nitrafena. You can apply in the spring greenhouses biofuels. On a hot biofuel pour a fertile layer of earth and planted plants.
Grow vegetables in greenhouses is simple. Low-growing varieties of tomatoes planted with a spacing of 30 cm between rows move back 50 centimeters. Close planting reduces the yield. Plants planted in rows from North to South. If the seedling is normal, not overgrown, plant it vertically, overgrown tilt because in this position will form additional roots. After planting, immediately water the seedlings with warm water. Tie plants to the trellis or stakes. Regularly remove the suckers.
Peppers and eggplant planted at a later age. While the seedlings of heat-loving crops growing, plant radishes, onions and herbs as an intermediate crop. To have tomatoes and eggplant into a better fruit – the greenhouse air should be dry. To do this, they put near the door or near vents. Sweet pepper requires a lot of light, like the eggplant, the rest of him is no problem.
And cucumbers don't like drafts, so plant them away from doors and vents. The cucumbers need to pinch off side shoots to encourage growth of the main stem, as it formed the fruits. Do not let the temperature changes were too harsh. To prevent root rot sprinkle the stems with charcoal. Regularly fertilize the plants with fertilizers.
Generally grow vegetables in greenhouses is very interesting. Besides their hand-grown organic natural products are always a great addition to your table.