What variety of cucumbers to choose

Among the abundance of modern varieties and hybrids of cucumbers it is easy to get lost. Breeders displayed a large number of varieties and hybrids which combine the best flavor and quality characteristics of these plants. While modern varieties have become resistant to adverse growing conditions, disease and pests. The correct choice of varieties – the main condition of success. To navigate on the seed market, it is possible to ask in advance of novelties of selection, and to consult with professionals and Amateur growers on the forums. If you plan to grow plants in a greenhouse, won't buy cucumbers for open ground or balcony and Vice versa.

How to build a cucumber in the greenhouse

Regardless of the choice of varieties for planting cucumbers need good care, timely watering and feeding. An important condition for a good harvest is a proper shaping of the bushes. To begin the formation should be after 3-4 days after transplanting seedlings to the greenhouse. Planting is usually done in two rows, parallel to each other. Pre-tensioned trellis of hard twine or steel wire at a height of 2 meters from the ground level with the distance between them is 40-50 cm From the wire to the bushes down the strands of tough nylon cord, to which are attached cucumber whip.

Trellis necessary in order for plants to grow upright. In this case, saves space in the greenhouse, the fruits are not in contact with the ground and less susceptible to decay. In addition, such shaping of bushes prevents the development of fungal diseases and spread of pests. It is important that the cord was located freely, without pulling the whip plants. The growth of cucumber lashes, you should try to guide them around the cord, gradually plant their tendrils will own and attached to the twine. Once the whip has reached the trellis, it is necessary to send it down, trying not to break off stem.

In the formation of the cucumbers must take into account the characteristics of the varieties – on packages the manufacturer usually draws a detailed diagram of shaping plants in a greenhouse, you need to these recommendations to heed. Most modern hybrids of cucumber harvest is formed on the main whip, so the side shoots should be timely pinch. After the formation on the main stem of 8-9 pairs of true leaves, the main stalk is also primitives to accelerate the ripening of the harvest. The main condition for the formation of cucumber in greenhouse conditions – regularity. If you conduct procedures for the formation of bushes regularly, can significantly increase the productivity of plants.