When buying a purebred puppy you are given the puppy passport. This document confirms the selected purebred puppy. The passport puppy is listed with its name, the names of parents, puppy's birthday, his color. Also it contains information about the future owner and the mark number of the puppy. Be sure to check whether these rooms on the puppy and on the passport. Puppy passport should have the name of the organization that issued you the document and print it. This document must be issued to you at the time of purchase of the puppy. It is not necessary to agree to obtain a passport for the puppy later. This document is a guarantee that you buy a really purebred puppy, not the mutt.
какие документы нужны собаке
At the age of 6 to 15 months "senacka" change for the pedigree. It is issued only to the Russian Cynological Federation. This document contains all important information about the dog, about her ancestors and about you as the owner. A pedigree later you can change intermodellbau. It is filled with Latin letters and is like the passport of the person. It is necessary for those dogs that are exhibited at international exhibitions not only in Russia but also in foreign countries.
как сделать паспорт на собаку
International veterinary passport issued when a puppy is first recorded in the veterinary clinic. This document contains information about vaccinations, about the treatment of dogs for fleas or worms, about operations or medical procedures. Every action is written on a specific page of the document and confirmed by the signature of doctor and stamp of the clinic. Always tag all your shots, because without them you will not be able to take a dog abroad or to knit.
родословная для собаки оформление
Dog passport is an optional document, but is also very important. This passport is written about tribal tolerance, breeding dogs, about the birth. This document has information about insurance dogs, on the passed exhibitions and competitions and received their diplomas.
порядок получения документов на собаку
In the list of optional documents, you can add a document confirming that your dog has passed the training course. This can be a course of primary training or any behavioral adjustments. For hunting dogs there is a document certifying the working quality of the hunt. When you join the kennel club you will be issued a document stating that your dog was there.
All these optional documents may be required at mating or for exhibitions.