First you get a dog only with the stigma and metric. It's something like a birth certificate. It lists the nickname, puppy, breed, gender, date of birth, color, number stamps and information about the parents of the animal. This document you can use to achieve the dog age 15 months. Essentially the same as the birth certificate of a person with a certain age is required to obtain the main document. Led dog show, the metric is still possible, but for mating preferably pedigree.
Как завести первую собаку
For the exchange of metrics for the pedigree, contact the kennel club. Can the one that gave the metric and where was your dog. If you've acquired a puppy in a private nursery, you can speak directly to the breeder - owners of the nursery are outstanding metrics, and send to the exchange.
However you can exchange in any club, what you prefer.
Заводить ли собаку
The pleasure is in the range 800-1500 rubles, but in every kennel club their prices. After all, there is the cost of the exchange and a certain amount that the club takes for the service of mediation. Sharing time is also difficult to predict. With luck, the pedigree will be in your hands in a couple weeks. And it may happen that you will have to wait a year. Can pre-out to different clubs when their employees are soon going to go to Moscow, to take a metric on the exchange.
как завести собаку
When you bring the metric to the exchange, the club will cut the top half - it will travel to the Russian cynological Federation. The second half will remain marked "For exchange". And while you haven't got the pedigree of a metric with this stamp gives you the right to participate in exhibitions.
сколько стоит сделать документы на собаку
It also happens that there is not even a metric. The breeder sold the puppy, says that parents have all the necessary documents, but the puppies did not make out metrics for reasons of economy. Alas, probably not, but you can ask the breeder data of the parents, and if they really have documents, you can verify this in the club and place a metric on your own. You can get a pedigree on the dog, whose parents do not have documents. In this case, on the back of the pedigree showing all ancestors of an animal up to 4 generations will be the entry "No information".
Какие должны быть документы у собаки
Not to be confused with the main document dog veterinary passport. Let the word "passport" don't be fooled - this is nothing more than medical records. The document is of course important, because it includes data on all vaccinations, but the degree of breeding this book has nothing to do. This document is issued in a veterinary clinic any cat or dog.