You will need
  • - veterinary passport;
  • - veterinary certificate form №1;
  • - certificate of no breeding value;
  • the mark or microchip;
  • carrying;
  • - Luggage ticket.
For animal transportation in the CIS you will need a veterinary passport and the certificate on form No. 1. In the veterinary passport should be noted all immunizations. It is imperative that the rabies vaccination is conducted not earlier than in a year of travel and not less than 30 days. A certificate in the form one can obtain a state veterinary station. It must contain information that your dog is healthy at the time of inspection, and that she doesn't have worms. The certificate must be issued not earlier than three days before the trip.
If you are bringing a dog into the EU, in addition to the above documents, you will need a certificate stating that the animal presents no breeding value. You can get it in the Central club of working dogs club the all-Russian Council in hunting dog breeding club of the Federation of Amateur dog breeding depending on the breed of the dog. Your pet must be a stigma or a microchip, details of which will be indicated in the veterinary certificate. Certificate according to form No. 1 should be translated into English or German and certified.
Ask about the rules of transporting Pets in the airline you plan to use. Most often in planes allowed small dogs weighing up to eight kilograms. Dogs must be in a special carry. Larger animals must travel in the baggage compartment, and pay for them is the same as for Luggage. In passenger trains, animals also must be carried in carriers, and they acquired a special Luggage ticket.
When planning a trip, be sure to read the rules of importing animals to the country where you are going to go, as well as the rules of the countries through which you transit. For example, Germany banned the import of fighting dogs and for the importation of animals into Australia you must obtain permission from the Australian quarantine and inspection service. If you would like to review the list of necessary documents, without any problems will ride your pet.