You will need
  • - the form of the passport to fill in.
Will receive a blank passportand in order to fill it. This thing can be purchased at the club where was your animal, or in a veterinary clinic.
Start filling in the document. Specify the nickname of the animal, its color, year of birth, breed (purebred animal is recorded as "mixed").
Give the passport to the clinic. It should make a mark about vaccination and conducting anti-parasitic prevention. These data can be transferred from the old card animal, are brought into the clinic, or stamped immediately after medical intervention. Information should be provided by your veterinarian and stamped by the clinic. Only in this case it will be deemed suitable for the issuance of documents authorizing the export of the animal to another country.
Complete the section of the passportand on the reproductive situation of the animal on their own. This information is optional and useful primarily breeders to store information about the pet. In this section, the owner records the date the animal mating and birth of cubs, including their number.
If you want to take a pet abroad, get an international passportand a special certificate. It is valid only a few days, unlike a passport. Note that depending on the country where you're taking an animal, the requirements in relation to the availability of vaccinations may vary. This can be clarified, for example, in the Consulate of the country in which you are going to, in obtaining a visa.