Pedigree dog

как надо выгуливать собаку

Puppy, with pedigree of the established sample, that is, documents that are issued by the kennel club, member of the Russian cynological Federation (RKF), or FCI, is automatically considered to be purebred. This dog can visit the exhibition, where experts will assess how its exterior conforms to the breed standard.
The best animals have the chance to become producers of their puppies, if binding will be properly registered at the kennel club, are also the documents confirming quality.

In RKF has created a unified computer database, there is a single stud book, and all documents issued in accordance with the unified form of the pedigree. Also in RKF the records of all canine kennels in Russia and factory consoles, that is, before acquiring a puppy you need to ask, which club issued his pedigree. If binding was in the club that is not part of the RKF, you need to learn how to execute the necessary documents. Otherwise, the dog will not be able to participate in any way in exhibitions or for breeding.

Evaluation of the exterior

как соблюдать правила выгула собак

If all documents are in order, quality is evaluated according to how its exterior conforms to the standard. To find out, the animal must be recorded to the exhibition. It is important to remember that the exhibition is also held under the auspices of the RKF or FCI, otherwise the result of the expert opinion will have no value.

Regardless of quality, pedigree and breed, dogs are checked for occlusion, the presence of all teeth and males for cryptorchidism. Even if the animal is a descendant of world Champions, with detection of so-called disqualifying defects, it is deprived of the possibility to participate in dog exhibitions, and especially for breeding. Usually these puppies weed out the breeders, their price is markedly reduced. These dogs are recommended for those who want to have a purebred pet, but not going to visit them to exhibitions and knit.
To check out the puppy on the thoroughbred, in some cases, you can appeal directly to the kennel club. There the dog can immediately see the professionals and make the corresponding conclusion.

Not recognized, or partially recognized breeds

покрытие для вігула собак

There are several breeds of dogs that are not yet recognized by the International canine Federation. These include, for example, include Buryat-Mongolian wolfhound, Alsatian, Russian Spaniel, Moscow watchdog and some rocks. In addition to the above species, is quite popular in Russia, this category includes those dogs that were bred by breeders in other countries, where they spread, for example, Czech Estonian hound or herding dog.

Despite the fact that dogs included in this list will not be able to participate in dog exhibitions held under the auspices of the FCI, they may be exhibited at similar events, organised by the Russian clubs specialty show or RKF. As a rule, organizers reported separately if the exhibition of dogs of these breeds.

The quality of the puppies can be checked in a similar way - with a pedigree and expertise in the ring.

This is not the case with the so-called indigenous or ancient rocks, which include Caucasian, Central Asian Ovcharka, Armenian wolfhound (gampr) and several others. Despite the fact that enthusiasts gradually achieve the recognition of their FCI, and the dogs are starting to get the pedigrees of the established sample, in exceptional cases, breeding animals are involved and who do not have documents. The handlers sometimes go to such experimental matings, if the dog's outstanding conformation or working ability.

Working qualities

From hunting and some breeds of dogs a sign of how purebred are and their working qualities. To ensure that the animal made for breeding, it must pass a certain standard, for example, show how she knows how to hunt for game or badger (depending on breed). If the dog, despite its beautiful exterior, in the field or forest demonstrates a complete failure, it is likely that her puppies are not very many chances to get a pedigree, that is to be considered purebred.