You will need
  • - veterinary passport
  • veterinary form # 1
  • - ticket for the dog
  • - food
  • - drinking water.
Start with buying tickets yourself and the dog. In order to buy a ticket for the dog, you need a veterinary passport stamped there stamps on charts (if the puppy has reached two months when the dogs make the first vaccination). Before the trip you need to go to the state veterinary station where you will be given a veterinary form 1, on which your pet has the right to ride the train. This certificate must be taken no earlier than three days before the trip.
According to the law to transport an animal not in the baggage car, you will either need to buy the whole compartment, or to enlist the support of fellow passengers that must be not against the fact that with them in one compartment a puppy. Will help and the friendly attitude of guide to you, so you can think through in advance what you will position yourself to.
If travel is to be long, think in advance where the puppy will go to the toilet. For very young puppies you can lay in a box or carrier in which they will keep, oilcloth and change it as needed. If your puppy is big enough, and you already began to walk, check with the guide when on your way to be a great station, and take the dog out, until the train stops.
The choice of food also should be approached carefully, especially if the trip is planned in the summer. The food didn't go bad, it is best to bring dry food. It will be much easier to clean up after the puppy after he eats, and not have to worry about storage conditions. If you don't feed a puppy dog food, prefer Packed in bags of dog canned food. These cans are not very expensive and, most importantly, they are hermetically sealed and can withstand stay in the train and not deteriorate. Of course, if you opened your bag and your puppy ate half, the rest of the canned food must be thrown out and not leave him to dinner.