Pedigree issued only purebred dogs, whose origin is confirmed by the entry in the stud book. A veterinary passport should be done on all dogs. It can be obtained and certified, regardless of origin and age of dogs any veterinary clinic. If you are going to travel with a dog or participate in exhibitions and competitions, be sure to sign the pet passport for my dog. It is best if it is international passport. If you are in doubt whether this in your clinic, purchase it in advance at the pet store.
какие документы нужны собаке
In the veterinary certificate for dogs (and cats) put marks about all vaccination, deworming, treatment against ectoparasites. The last two sections you can fill in themselves. Give the dog anthelmintic remedy and treat her for fleas two weeks prior to the first vaccination. Re-deworming the week after the first. This is only necessary if the stool or the vomit of a dog was discovered dead worms.
Какие должны быть документы у собаки
Visit the veterinary clinic for vaccinations. Vaccination against viral diseases is held not before two months of age. Rabies – no earlier than three. The puppy the vaccine is administered twice with an interval of two to three weeks. An adult dog can be taught once. The veterinarian will issue a veterinary certificate in accordance with the rules: date of vaccination, type of vaccine (most often, there is glued label from the bottle), signature of doctor and stamp of the clinic.
как сделать паспорт на собаку
Perhaps that description of the dog, data on the owner and breeder you have to fill yourself. Then remain only to paste a photo of your pet in the designated place. If you wish, you can have the dog vaccinated and fungal infection 10 days after completion of a standard course of vaccinations.
как правильно заполнить ветеринарный паспорт собаки фото