You will need
  • the list of documents on animal health;
  • baggage or child ticket on the train.
You cannot adopt a dog to train just. You first need to collect all sorts of documents and to purchase a ticket, the form of which depends on the weight of the animal.
First, you'll need to visit a dog veterinarian in order to obtain a veterinary certificate or a veterinary certificate. One of these documents will need to transport dogs. Also, no less than thirty days and not more than six months before you travel you should make the animal vaccinated against rabies. Information about this vaccination, you also need.
Next, you need to purchase a ticket. If you have a small pet, for example, toy-Terrier, Chihuahua, Yorkshire Terrier or other small dog breed and its weight does not exceed 20 kg, you need to buy a Luggage ticket for this weight. In addition to bringing such dogs will need a container, so be careful about buying it.
For dogs medium dog breeds such as Spaniel, English bulldog or Bobtail also required to purchase a baggage ticket by weight. Container for the transportation of these Pets is not required.
Shepherds, Labradors and other large breed dogs of the Luggage ticket is not enough. Instead, they must purchase a child ticket. Also you definitely need to take a trip a muzzle and leash.