For starters, get at least one breeding bitch. The dog must be pedigree and a stamp certifying its origin. To enable breeding, puts the pet at exhibitions, for admission to breeding requires evaluation of judges is not below "very good". If your chosen breed belongs to the hunting or service dogs needed diplomas certifying the working quality of the dog and passing her course of training. For some breeds also need pictures to hip dysplasia.
If you don't have zootechnical, veterinary, medical or biological education, pass a special dog training courses. Such courses are gaining the Russian Cynological Federation (RKF), finish them remotely. The courses is made during year list of required documents you will be able to find on the website of RKF. At the end of the course you will receive a special certificate of the judge by breed or judge on working qualities.
Collect required documents: copies of the pedigrees of your dogs; diplomas exhibition evaluation, as well as diplomas certifying the working quality and the passage of the training; copies of education documents; a passport copy (you must be at least 21 years of age). Fill in the form (it can be found on the website of RCF), think of the original name of the nurseryand to pay the check and attach all the collected documents. RKF, in turn, will contact the world canine organization, and if the name of the kenneland indeed will be unique, will register a kennelprefix ovuu, and from that moment you become the official owner of the breed , the kenneland dogs. Unique console will have all the puppies of breeding. And you'll get the opportunity to fill out a puppy documents without having to contact the local kennel club.