International veterinary certificate – a document that ideally should have every animal, regardless of whether it is purebred or not. It shall contain the basic data that you need to know about the animal. When filling it, observe a few rules. If you buy a purebred dog in a club, you require the passport immediately. If the passport of the animal is not, it likely says about the defects of the breed, and this dog can not rely on gold medals at exhibitions.
паспорт собаки
If you make a passport yourself, please contact the state veterinary clinic. Non-government veterinarians may vaccinate, but the right to issue passports , it does not possess.
как выправить паспорт собаке
Make sure that on the first page of the passport contained all the basic data about the animal: its birth date, nickname, breed, color. Also in this section of the passport you need to enter information about vaccinations, worming and any other treatments that the dog has been. Also, the document contains information about the owner of the dog.
какие документы нужны собаке
Making a MSDS on the vaccine insert the stickers on which the name of the drugs and their expiry date and must contain the signature and personal seal physician. Must include the date of vaccine administration.
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Complete line of reproduction. This can be done independently. Specify the start of each day of oestrus and mating date. Do not forget to specify the number of newborn puppies and their date of birth.
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If you are going to take out a purebred pet abroad, make sure that the passport is correctly filled in all the data. Only a veterinary certificate may be grounds for obtaining a permit to transport dogs to another country. Remember that vaccination must be performed not later than one month before departure.