You will need
  • - puppy card.
Find out if the dog has any documents or certificates confirming its pedigree. For example, could keep the puppy card is a temporary document issued to the puppy before receiving a pedigree. Also, the confirmation may serve as the mark, which is a purebred dog when confirmation of its status.
For new documents, contact the breeder from whom you purchased the animal. He will make the necessary request to the Russian cynological Federation and send you a duplicate of the document. At the same time, if you have kept the puppy dog card, then the process tree design has not been completed. In this case, the dog will have to participate in a formal show. Her judges will be able to assess the conformity of the animal breed and its origin. In the absence of unacceptable flaws in the exterior and the behavior of your animal will be recognized as purebred, and subjected to special claiming. After that, the breeder will be able to exchange the card puppy full pedigree for your dog. These services need to be paid, the tariff depends on the particular breeder.
In that case, if you don't know who was the breeder of this animal, for example, if you bought a dog with it, or found it on the street, restore the pedigree of stigma. This can be done by writing or by personally contacting the Russian cynological Federation. Her site You will need to inform them of the number listed on the label. It specialists will be able to determine the breed and the breeder. The formulation of new documents you can produce directly in the Federation, if it is confirmed the presence of this stigma in their database. The office is located in Moscow at street Hotel, building No. 9, 5th floor. To write well, they should on a subscription box - 127106, Moscow, and/I 28.