Varieties of motorcycles

First and foremost, it is advisable to understand the existing types of motorcycles, their distinctive features, advantages and disadvantages. So, today you can choose from the following classes: sport bike, classic, Enduro and cruiser. Within each class there are many subclasses and branches, but in principle all of the motorcycles are one of these four types.

The choice of a particular class depends on your needs and expectations. Sports bikes have high speed, short gears, in a particular fit of the driver with support on hand. For everyday driving around town or travelling long distances is much more suitable for classic motorcycles, designed specifically for this purpose. The Enduro motorcycle is designed mainly for driving on rough terrain, although nothing prevents to ride them in the city. Finally, the cruiser is a comfortable car with a long fork, two-layer seat and lots of chrome parts. The most famous cruisers ever produced by the company Harley-Davidson.
In addition to famous brands such as Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki and others, there are motorcycles from China. They attract buyers with the low price for which, however, have to pay quality.

Once you have a motorcycle what class you want to purchase, you can start looking for a suitable proposal. Of course, from the point of view of quality and safety it is preferable to buy a new bike in the cabin, but in practice this is not always possible. The fact is that prices on new bikes high quality brands comparable to the prices on used cars. Most beginner riders prefer to buy bikes with mileage that are inexpensive, especially considering the fact that a year and a half, many of them are thinking about purchasing a more powerful motorcycle with the adjusted requirements and driving experience.

Buying a motorcycle with mileage

To buy a used motorcycle, you can either all in the same cabin, either from a private person on Craigslist. In any case, it is necessary to approach the issue of choice and STK the future of the "iron horse" as thoroughly as possible. There are cases, like a motorcycle in an emergency or frankly poor condition repaired "in a hurry" to sell to the inexperienced buyer. If you are not confident in their skills and knowledge, it is better to seek help of a tech-savvy friend. In addition, the good versions of the motorcycle run can be found on the websites of clubs motorcyclists. As a rule, at the end of the season prices are much lower than in spring, so buy the bike better in the late autumn.
Buying a motorcycle, don't forget to take care of the protection. At the very least you need a helmet, jacket with protection elbow joints and special shoes. All this is possible not only in the store but on Craigslist.

Do not pay much attention to the mileage of the motorcycle, because you can never be sure that he is not "twisted". Better to concentrate on the technical condition. Don't forget to check the engine number and frame, check fluids, wear of the brake pads, the engine's smooth running. Do not hesitate to ask the seller specific questions relating to past operation of the motorcycle, in the end, to get their money's good quality product – a normal human desire.