The choice of any vehicle is responsible. So the first thing you need to determine the features of the scooter that will help make your drive comfortable and safe. This will help a few questions:
1. The scooter will be used in the city or on country roads?
2. Who will be the driver? Or who will use it more often?
3. Whether you have a passenger?
4. How much were you looking to spend?

The choice of the manufacturer

In specialized shops are a lot of models from different manufacturers.

European scooters are reliable, fashionable, fast, expensive. The build quality is not satisfactory. But apart from high prices you may encounter another drawback. If "European" is broken, to get spare parts would be problematic, and they are quite expensive. A great choice if sufficient funds are available.
Chinese scooters manufacturers – cheaper is not found. But it is not necessary to count on good quality. There's a chance that after the first fall, all the plastic will crack or fly rivets.

Japanese scooter – a combination of price and quality. As European models are first-class quality, but very affordable in price aspect. Parts are available and inexpensive.

Terms of use

Scooter for city driving. When buying, pay attention to the dynamics, it is important that the rate of acceleration. Pay attention to the quality of the disc brakes. Choose a scooter with telescopic fork (ideally enhanced). All together these indicators will be invaluable when maneuvering through the narrow streets, traffic jams or driving on the highway.

Scooter for country roads. If you plan to use the scooter more often outside the city, then pay attention to the location of the air filter and the front fork designs. Best suited pendulum fork. This will improve shock absorption and smooth out" bumps in the road, with a telescopic fork you will "pop" on each mound. If the air filter is low, it will gather all the dust and it will have to be changed frequently.

For who bought the device

If the driver is an experienced man, you can pick up a scooter with the dynamic acceleration, modern design. However, expensive high-speed models can be some difficulties: you need high-quality fuel in the winter may not start.

If the driver is a beginner, a teenager or an elderly person, it makes sense to choose a more simple model is not very sensitive throttle. Will be less likely suddenly to flee or to stand "up".

Additional passenger

When buying, pay attention to the length and width of the seat. The passenger in any case should not hamper the driver.

Budget purchase

After you define all necessary terms, it remains only to compare the desire and the budget. In a good shop you'll find a scooter that meet your requirements.