The sellers of Chinese mopeds argue that Chinese have very high quality of manufacture and Assembly. But common sense dictates that for such a modest money it is impossible to acquire new and high-quality equipment. Indeed, the quality of Chinese mopeds disgusting, if I compare it to Japanese or European models. And it is quite good if you compare with local samples produced in the 90s.
It should be understood that manufacturers from China differ in quality from each other. Public companies and large private corporations produce high quality products. At least, is different from the rest of the mass of mopeds from China. But brands and models that are worth to buy only 2-3, the rest is better not to take. Consider the country of Assembly of a moped. Many Russian companies assemble Chinese motorcycles from kits. If the Assembly is conducted at the former enterprise-a domestic manufacturer of motorcycles, the build quality is not worse than in China. If a newly-created company, the quality can be as the same and lower. Best for Assembly are considered to be Taiwanese.
One of the most reliable places in the Chinese scooter is the engine and gearbox. As a rule, licensed or copied the Japanese units manufactured by in China for many years. Production technology is more or less developed in them, at least, there are engineering mistakes and miscalculations. Less complex assemblies and parts – poor quality: flimsy wiring, tires and shock absorbers too hard, the frame weak, plastic parts from low-grade plastic masses. To ride on such units dangerous even in full gear.
Experienced owners of Chinese mopeds strongly recommend that before your first trip, carefully check it, tighten all bolts, nuts and clamps to hold all the possible adjustments. In other words, this technique will force those owners who are familiar with the device of a moped and not lazy every day to check on her, adjusting and repairing.
A particularly horrific DIY Chinese Motorama stop to start the next season with all chrome-plated parts peel off the coating bursts off the frame and foot pegs. Air filter initially may be cracked or leaky petrol tap leaking, the tires to let the air out even with healthy valves, the spark to fail from once per week to several times a day. In General, the scooter for the season, and the rest of the season the unit owner izluchaet constant, almost daily breakdowns.